Things that guys do that COMPLETELY turns me off


In the past, it may seem difficult to actually meet a person of the opposite sex but nowadays everything is so much easier because we have the internet. You can just add any chick you like, send her a messsage or just slide into her DMs on instagram and just wait and see if she replies you or not. If none of that work, then there is dating websites for you to try. Dating websites and apps are getting more popular and convenient to use. You have apps like OkCupid, Tinder, Paktor and everything else.A dating app can be fun if you actually managed to find someone to your liking however, most of the time...the people there are just to hook up. Maybe only 1 out of 6 guys sincerely want to know you? I've been on Tinder for a few months, months ago..and I kinda got turned off. Some of the guys are really nice and we are friends in real life.  But here are some things that guys do that turns me off...completely.

1) when boys keep asking me to take a photo

I mean dude, what is up with like "hey can you take a pic for me?" or "hey send me a selfie". I mean like..come on..I already have so many selfies on my social medias and it is not like I have transformed overnight or something. It gets pretty annoying. I will send you my selfie if I want to. But then again, I don't send so many selfies to guys because then they might have an impression of me as being someone whom is so in love with myself. haha, I wouldn't be surprised if people have that judgement of me whenever they browse through my instagram because of my selfies. But I really like editing my photos and it is just one of those things that I do when I am on my 40min train ride to work from home. I am sorry that the photos are not as of great quality as some people because most of the pictures were taken early in the morning like at about 7am before I head to work and there is not much sunlight. Well, partly also it is because of the haze. It seems very gloomy and dark lately.

2) last minute ditch dates

If there is one thing that I hate the most, it is when people cancel things with me at the very last minute. My schedule is pretty tight because I have work and school. And besides that, I am the type of person who prefers to have plans instead of just doing something aimlessly. I will just get annoyed if I am out with someone who doesn't have any plans.

3) guys who are only DTF

You can very easily identify guys whose objective is just to fuck. Most of the time, they start with a lot of flirtations and subsequently, they will start throwing you questions like if you are open minded or looking for any flings. Another way to identify, is when they ask you to send any nudes. If you are meet such a guy, you should get your objectives defined and make it clear to him exactly what you are looking for. Girls can be quite vulnerable and sometimes it just takes a few sugar coated words to make our hearts melt and just say yes to whatever the guys say. I'm guessing that if any of these DTF dudes know your weakness, then....pretty much game over for you. And when it is game over, he is probably not going to talk to you nope. I am not putting myself in that kind of miserable position. If a guy just wants you just for a fuck then he is not worth it.

4)Not being able to accept that they are rejected

You know I am not fond of putting or rather giving people false hopes if I am not into them. So sometimes, I may just appear really cold or might just tell them that it won't work out for us as we are not compatible. It is always better to be honest and truthful than to just lie to someone especially when feelings are going to be involved. However, most of my experiences with such guys haven't been exactly pleasant. I get called "bitch" , "transsexual" and "ugly" a lot whenever I turn them down. Heck, I didn't even insult them or called them names but yeah I just get called a lot and they will just start calling me names. You know, if you are a guy and you do that to a girl, you just convinced me further as to why I should just not go out with you or proceed to another level with you. It just shows your maturity and nope. no go for me.

5) egocentric

haha dealbreaker for me. A little of ego is still fine however, if we are on a date and all you talk about is just yourself, yourself and only yourself and your "achievements" which I would think that some are just lies that you had made up to impress me...then congratulations sir, you just turned me off completely. Even if he is as good looking as Johnny Depp but is just downright full of himself and think he is right, it is still a turn off. If your date is already so full of himself, picture being in a relationship with him. There is a high chance that he would not even apologize for his mistakes if you both had an argument.

6) calculative

I am not saying that guys should pay for meals just because they ask me out. I think it should work both ways. But I guess the most calculative date that I have been on was when this guy brought me for dinner but he told me to choose the most cheapest meal and to share it together. So basically, it was a shared meal. The meal was about $12.90 I suppose. LOL. The worst is when they actually keep pestering you to pay them back right after the meal. Boy if you are asking me out, please don't go cheap on me. I am an adult and I can pretty much pay for my meals so don't tell me what I should select from the menu. Most of the time, guys get the bill but I guess girls should also take the initiative to ask what was the amount and just split it. When I know I am out with a guy and it seems like he is going to be the one paying it for me, I would normally order very little or probably get the cheaper value meal or if he buys like a lot of dishes and asks me to eat, I would normally finish mine first and not eat his share because...paiseh la. LOL. (Paiseh is a common Singaporean slang which describes a sense of feeling embarassed in the most discreet way. Haha got this off Urbandictionary. )

7) mommy's boy

I pray to God that I will not end up marrying a mommy's boy but sometimes they say opposites attract. We are adults already and sometimes life decisions shouldn't be made by your parents. I know you have to respect your parents but if your parents are deciding everything for you then please do not even try to woo me or ask me to marry you. I need a man, not a boy. LOL.

8) the only talk to you because he needs something

No different from when you have friends who just got into a new relationship and you know your friends are gone...until maybe when they have broken up with their special other. Just block these people really.  If they need something, just tell them that you don't have anything.

9) the drunk 3am calls

If a guy calls you at 3am when he is drunk, you should cut him out of your life. Firstly , it is very inconsiderate to call someone in the middle of the night when you are drunk. What is worst is when they keep calling you back even after you have hung up on them. I don't need an alarm clock at 3am okay. Another thing about guys who call you when they are drunk at 3am is probably guys who haven't gotten over their ex-girlfriends and want someone to confide in.  But a true friend will not interrupt you when you are sleeping.

10) the one with baggage

The last thing for anyone is to date someone who hasn't gotten over their exes. You can probably consider them again once they are like back to their normal self. I don't really fancy dating anyone who is still in pieces and all. And anyway, sometimes listening to your date talk about his/her ex can be quite tiring and boring at the same time. Worst is when they are just looking for a rebound to fill in the empty space in their heart.

11) the one who keeps on saying "yah , you should have dated me and none of this would have happened"

I hate it when I talk to someone about my own relationship problems and the only thing that they do is to just use "yah , you should have dated me and none of this would have happened" against me. I mean who are you to tell me who I should have dated etc. I have my own preferances in the type of person I'd like to date. And sometimes I do feel that it is a waste of time telling people about my problem because I feel like it is a game of squash. First they would ask me what happened, and then say "oh" or "see la, shld have dated me but you don't want". I mean fuck off, I need a real listening ear. You hit the ball to the wall and the wall hits back at you. See, squash.

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