You know that you probably got sick of life when you wake up feeling like shit on a weekday.
I mean who doesn't when it is a work day. I wish I was one of those whom actually enjoyed going to work. Honestly the work here is alright, it is probably just the environment. Then I will have people telling me that everywhere is the same. You know what, fuck you. I mean yeah sure everywhere is the same, but it is just a whole lot of different shit and people there.  And I guess, it depends on how well you are able to tolerate the shit level.

I don't know if it is just me but sometimes I get hell annoyed by people who ask something just because they are kay-poh ( if you are not from Singapore, well that's our slang for someone who is a busybody). I mean why the fuck do you ask someone a question and end up saying "oh, don't care la". It's like MIGHT AS WELL I DON'T EXPLAIN TO YOU RIGHT since your reply is just that. I don't know why but I feel that sometimes I rather talk to a wall or a monkey than talking to a fellow human being. Call me crazy, but at least a response from a monkey would be more worth it.

Here I am sitting in my chair at 10.22am and wondering why are people just dumb. I guess living in Singapore is really very...ughhhhh . Sometimes I just feel the need to just tell everyone to fuck off. But I guess my grouchy expression in the morning probably explains everything but people still choose to step on my tail.

I hate morning crowds. I hate people. The stupidity level is just way way up there. People are like zombies whenever they are on their mobile phones. Walking and using their phones to watch a movie and blocking everyone and cutting into lanes. The smarter the phone is, the dumber people get. Honestly, if there was a huge ass hole in the ground, they will just fall through.....AND I HOPE THEY DIE.............................................Seriously a NUISANCE to mankind. If you are one of those who are guilty of doing those and reading my blog, I hope you bang into a pillar one day.

I am very sorry for the word vomit but this is just your everyday typical 23 year old ranting about how people are. I am sorry that I am not leading a so called "perfect" life like the other bloggers who "seem" to have their shit together in their blogs.

HAHAHAH #sorrynotsorry

Toodlepip! :)

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