Voice Out


There is something that seems to bother me and that is when I am not able to do the things that I love. People will always be saying stuffs and complain about the things I do and they don't approve but somehow some of these things that I do, I feel that they are not even causing any harm to anyone.  At times I don't quite understand why do I need to stop doing something just because someone thinks it is bad for me when I myself am not causing any harm to myself.

I mean yeah sure, my photos on Instagram and my facebook posts can be racy or provocative but it is just something I enjoy doing. I am just being happy in my own skin and I love taking such shots. It is not to attract attention from male viewers or anything but I love erotic stuffs. I am totally honest about this and I do express my love for such stuffs by talking about such stuffs and taking such photos. But just because I take such photos or wear such things, it doesn't mean that I go about sleeping around with random guys. Even though my photos and captions are suggestive, I just am not into casual sex. I am a girl. The reason why I won't have any fuckbuddies or anything is because I am the sort who will have sex with someone only if there is a lot of love and when I feel ready. And females always get emotionally attached to guys. Yes, I am one of those "cuddle me" after sex. I don't want to just get out of the bed and act normal and not see the guy again.

Maybe you might be suggesting to me "Not to take such photos then since people are always commenting" but I am wondering why should I. I mean if people are really affected by my photos or statuses and complaining, then I honestly suggest that you unfollow me if it is bothering you so much. If you can't accept me for doing something I love then I don't think that we can get along. Maybe it is because it is Singapore, so people here are not as open-minded but I really don't see a problem with what I am doing as of now. I do not have any regrets or whatsoever.

The thing that bothers me the most is why would you show a dislike or disapproval to someone when they are actually doing something they love and that they are happy about. I do feel that I am pretty much doing fine with my life. I've got my job, I am doing pretty okay in school, I have great friends around me....so I don't really see any negativity in whatever I am doing.

Another thing is why do people always look at the bad side of things instead of the good.
Why are we always judging one another when we aren't that perfect ourselves?
Apparently, some people are also disapproving of me whenever I have an opinion.
Does this mean that in future I should just keep my opinions of something to myself?
I mean afterall, it is a free world and we can pretty much do whatever we want because we live for ourselves.
You can't just judge a person based by your own perceptions of them. Maybe you don't know them well enough.

I am sorry if I have indeed offended anyone or anything but I just felt like I should get my points across. If you really can't accept me then just unfollow me on instagram and unfriend me on facebook. My life doesn't depend on how many likes I get in a photo in a day nor does it depend how many followers I have. I blog about such topics and take photos because it is my passion. So don't have that opinion of me that I am doing this because I want more views or whatever. I really cannot be bothered. I am not like some bloggers who just use their titles as a powercard to get whatever they want nor am I very hard up for sponsorships and such.I am just someone who writes on her blog because I have so much views and opinions and I love sharing them here with whoever is reading this. I love doing what I am doing. I honestly would love to try taking photos of women in future but I am not equipped with very high end cameras nor do I have the correct skills. But if you are really passionate about something, even taking a photo using your mobile phone can make a photo look really good. Yes, I enjoy taking photos, messing around with filters and just let my creativity juice run wild. It just makes me feel happy when I get the outcome I want.

So no , I am not going to stop whatever I am doing just because you think I should.
This is who I am and this is what I love doing.

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