When you know it is time to let go


Hi guys, I am back again.
Basically today I would just like to talk about when you should let go....
I am not an expert when it comes to dealing with love or relationships or even friendships but sometimes when my friends talk about their own problems, it just gets me thinking.
Whether it is a relationship or a friendship, there are some things that you should move on from.
Letting go is never easy. But sometimes, it is better to let go of something if it does not bring you any happiness or whatsoever.

Maybe the reason why we find it hard to let go and decide to just put up with the unhappiness , is probably because we are afraid of being alone.
After a while, once you have gotten over that stage of being afraid to let go.....being alone...isn't really as bad as it seems.

It is definitely a time to let go when there is no positive outcome coming from the relationships that you have. Even with friends, if you feel that you are being taken for granted and there is just too many disputes then it is probably wise to just let go. I mean yeah sure, it is a pity but if you don't get along....then there is no point holding onto it. You meet new people everyday. There is probably 3% likelihood that you might be able to strike a conversation with a complete stranger. So , you know....it is not as if like you have lost everything. Sometimes you got to replace the bad with the good. The same thing applies when you are in a relationship and you feel that it is pretty fruitless to salvage it. You'd probably tried to ignite the spark again between the both of you. You tried, you got disappointed and you got tired. It is a vicious cycle and really there is nothing good coming out from it.

You should always learn to love yourself first before you actually learn to love others.
Once you love yourself, you know what is good or bad for you.
And then comes the filtering part.....
It is not worth putting yourself into so much misery when you are not much of a concern to others.

Anyway, just a short post......
Just had to pen my thoughts down a lil bit. :)
Till then.

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