14 types of people you meet on almost every Social Media platform


Since I am already on the topic of Social Media. Here are 14 types of people/personalities you will find on your instagram/blog/facebook/ twitter....wherever.

1) The  Advertisers

I don't know about other people but I definitely stopped reading a few blogs because of the contents on their blog. It is always "Advertorial for ____________" , followed by a couple of photos of them either using the product or wearing followed by a quote "ABXDS10" for a discount code of 10% of your orders. But I would still like to thank these advertisers for the discount code especially when I need to be thrifty and be like on "aunty mode".

At the same time, don't ever rely on such advertisers if you are looking for reviews before you buy a certain beauty product. Well the reason is because most of the time, the blogposts might  not be exactly  true and you know, when you are doing advertising of a product, there are certain things that you have to mention in order to let your readers know and to sell it to them. There is a lot of puffery in most of the contents in the blogpost so don't fall for it.

2) The Foodies 

I hate it whenever I am feeling hungry and just as I scroll through my instagram, I come across instagram posts of food. It's like "Goddamit...why!" followed by a T_______T
I can never take a proper photo of my food and most of the time, there is nothing interesting about my food? LOL. And I don't really have the patience to wait for all of my food to be served and arranged properly from an eagle's view. Nobody has time for that when you are hungry man.

3) The Beefing up at the Gym

Sometimes I just get curious whenever I see people posting instavideos of themselves at the gym on a daily basis. You know like if 80% of the posts, is just pictures and videos of them at the gym. It's like "yayayaya okay I get it . You gym. You have a nice body. How many times do you wanna post?". Especially for lazy people like me, it makes me feel demoralise and well let's be honest, I am too fucking tired to even get my lazy ass out of my bed. Hahaha, anyway can you imagine if you had a foodie post and a gym post one after another as you scroll through your feed? One can only have 2 reactions if that were to happen.

  a ) Gym hard and reward yourself with a satisfying meal
  b)  Had a very very satisfying meal and to feel guilty as you scroll down and you see a picture of      someone working hard at the gym....and this " HAIYA IM SO FAT"

4) The Keyboard Warrior

I don't know why some people can have all the time in the world to maybe create a fake instagram account to attack people on their instagram or whatever. Do you know how "leceh" (Malay slang for troublesome)  it is to actually create an email just for the sake of creating a stupid fake account on facebook and on instagram and to just attack people? But I do give you keyboard warriors a round of applause for having so much patience and endurance to actually go through all of that just to say something stupid. I guess the funniest part would be when you know your "fun time" is up when you are blocked or reported.

5) The Traveller

These kinda people really make me feel jealous. They are always travelling and seeing the world and sometimes it seems to me like they don't have to work at all. Until, after digging in a bit more...and "oh chey, they are cabin crews". But nonetheless, sigh. Jelly.

6) The "80% Boobs, 20 % face "  in a photo

It is totally fine to post a photo of your boobs and your face. However girls, your facial expressions and the amount of boobies you show and your face...needs to be of equal proportion. If it is gonna be just a boob pic, then all the way boobs okay. I've came across a few photos of girls obviously pushing their boobs up and just sticking their tongue out. You know what it makes me think of. A titfuck. You definitely nailed that titfuck imagery into the heads of all the men who looked at your photo.  And also if you wanna be a tease, don't just take photos from the front angle of the boobs. Take underboobs shot or sideboobs.

7) The Drama Queen

I don't know why but whenever I see such drama instaposts, I feel sorry for all of the hardship that one has to go through. And sigh, why is your life so dramatic? I mean how do you even actually live when your life is so dramatic.

8) The Jenner/Swift/Grande wannabe 

Ugh *rolls eyes*. I find it annoying whenever girls try to pull  a step "Kylie Jenner" or "Ariana Grande" on snapchats or whatever. How is that even cute? I mean fuck off already. I feel like I have just wasted my time looking at you trying to lipsync to Drake. I don't really know how I should feel or rather appreciate that piece of work you just did. Okay maybe ...congratulations? You nailed your lipsync. Wow, impressive. *slow clap*

9) The self proclaimed squad goals

Dear Teenagers,

"Squad" is pretty much an in-thing after Taylor Swift's Bad Blood. But the real "squad goals" is when all of you go through shit together and do everything together in a team and no bitchy catfights. #squadgoals doesn't mean "Oh wow my girlfriends and i look so hot right now". That is not even goals. Goals is when you go through shit together. Maybe if there is an alien invasion and you girls...are able to defeat the aliens then sure , #squadgoals to you. But until then, please shut the fuck up already.

From a 24year old.

10) The one who takes selfie every single day and honestly you don't see a difference 

Me. Even I myself wonder why do I always take selfies when it's not like my face changes every night or so. Don't ask me why I take selfies every single morning but just yeah... it's just a habit that I can't seem to shake off. It is a disease.

11) The very deep soul

Give me a few pints and there I go talking deep shit with you.Once in a while, we all need a bit of motivation and a bit of thoughts to get ourselves either motivated or to just be calm. Sometimes it is good to think a lot but sometimes it can also be a bad thing when you overthink because...nobody would want to hang with you. When you overthink, you might actually be more of a pessimist and then you just feel demoralised and just scared. But sometimes when you go overboard with deep thinking, nobody actually understands what the fuck you are trying to say because you are verbally rolling in the deep.

12) The sexualizes everything

I like dirty jokes but sometimes people may actually find them to be offensive. Well anyway, it is 2015. Everything is pretty much sexualized. Like back then when I was 5 , I'd probably see a banana as a fruit...but now, if my pervertic minded of a friend were to ask me, "Hey, you wanna eat my banana?"...my mind just goes "hey, wanna suck my deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek".  And come on, just mention the word "sex" and you get all the views seriously. Even better is if you actually had a sextape.

13) The Fashionista

The fashionistas are the people who make me wonder where all their clothings go to after they have worn them. You don't see them repeating the same outfit over and over again. Which makes me wonder if its a "buy this and take a photo and then throw in the closet" situation for them. I do like some of the outfits that they wear but sometimes...well let's just say it is a tad bit too much for the weather here in Singapore. If you were to wear a fur coat in Singapore, the first thing people are going to say is "You mad ah?". So yeah, sometimes I just can't comprehend what goes through the mind of our fashionistas.

14) The Self Proclaimed model

Anyone who owns a dslr can call himself a photographer and anyone who gets their photos taken by using a dslr camera, can call themselves a "model". Basically anyone can be a model. It is easy to spot these accounts. Most of their photos posted on their social media accounts are selected carefully and are all of them modelling. Then you go to the instagram accounts of legit models like Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss and they are all just posting their everyday lives on Instagram. I guess that is what Instagram should actually be like. Just sharing and posting anything.

So there you have it...14 types of people you would meet on social medias. I am sure there are more types of people but these are probably a few "popular" ones. Thank you for reading :)

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