O levels , Engineering and What am I doing?


When I was in secondary school, I was really fond of criminal thriller novels. I would actually go to the library and borrow them and read everywhere. I really enjoyed writing back then so you can probably guess what was my favourite subject in secondary school. Yep, English. I just felt really accomplished whenever I get like above 20 for my composition over 30. I have a lot of ideas and I can just write and write and write.

I believe we all probably have had like an aim when it comes to choosing which polytechnic and to do what course right? well, mine was actually to get into Mass Communications at NP. Basically I wanted to be a journalist/reporter/radio dj. Yep, I remembered tuning into to say it with music when I was in Secondary 2 and back then, Jamie Yeo was the DJ and I wanted to be like her. However, despite getting an A1 for English, my COP did not meet the requirements, therefore I got into Biomedical Engineering at NYP.

You must be thinking why Biomedical Engineering? Well, firstly it seemed cool. Secondly, I just had doing anything Business related. I felt like dying in my previous semester early this year at SIM because I had Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting as my modules. Total wtf to me. I can never balance the balance sheet. So engineering was more interesting for me. Basically in engineering, most of the maths you learn are pretty much Add Maths related. If you've taken Add Maths, then it might be helpful and also because I felt more satisfaction by doing engineering maths. It's like problem solving. They give you a formula, you plug in the value and you just try to get the answer. Im not too sure if its still the same but if it is then yay, hopefully this would give you a bit more pointers. Another reason why I chose Biomedical engineering was partly because it is medical related. I honestly enjoyed going to class for Anatomy and Physiology lessons and learning about parts of the body and its function. It made me feel smarter in a way. Frontal lobe, parietal lobe , occipital lobe , temporal lobe.... However, what I didn't like doing was lab work. I didn't really like lab work therefore right after I graduated I realised that I did not want to do biomedical engineering anymore.

As of now, I am actually doing my degree at UNISIM . I'm doing HR. Why the sudden shift ? Ever since I started working, I have this interest to know more about HR and like unions, talent development etc, why people resign and all. I feel that how an organization portrays itself and the culture is really important if you want to retain your staffs but unfortunately, not many organizations actually recognize staffs for their efforts and we get unhappy. Also, there is so much more to just that basically but if I were to talk about them , you guys would probably fall asleep.

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