Hey guys, I am back again and this time round I would like to just share a few things that I happen to do or change in future. I know it sounds boring but I just decided to share it here anyway because it would be interesting if one day I decided to go back and actually see for myself if I have done the things that I want to do.

1) Giving up on carbonated drinks

Honestly, I am intending to just put a total stop when it comes to carbonated drinks and instead opt for other alternatives such as Iced Tea or if possible, just go for plain water. I've read a few articles on the benefits of actually skipping the drinks and I'd like to see for myself if I do experience any changes or whatsoever.  So apparently, skipping the carbonated drinks would help your brains to think better and it would help you with memory.

2) Fruits

I used to have really bad constipation two years ago because of how my schedule is like and also because I just don't like to do my business in public. So it was pretty bad for me. I've been drinking yakult like every 1 in 2 or 3 days to help with my digestion and it has made a big difference. Another thing that I have noticed when I eat fruits, is that I was able to think better and was more focussed. I guess it was probably due to the sugar. I don't know really hahah but I did feel a difference when I did my papers last week. I was constantly munching on blueberries and totally avoided anything that contains artificial sugar because I was afraid that it would affect my thinking skills. Hahaha, a bit too extreme but I have thus had my dose of artificial sweeteners right after my paper.

3) Banking

For 2016, I guess I need to start saving up for a few things. Basically one of it would be the Weekly Money Challenge and then another would probably be a savings account for me to save up so that I would have money to spend on people on their birthdays. I guess by having a savings account for them, you wouldn't feel that much of a pinch because you have already started saving for them since the beginning of the year. HAHAHA. I believe this would come in very handy in September as most of my friends are September babies. Also, I would probably want to give my parents something even more special. My mom's birthday is in May and so is mother's day. So yeah, maybe I'll get something awesome.

4) Online Shopping

I am honestly an out of control outline shopper and I should really stop buying clothes just because I feel the need to own it. It's like a really bad disease, an addiction actually. Clothes are mostly the same and honestly, imagine how much I would have saved up and probably get something which is worth the value. So we'll see.

5) Deleting people

I am starting to repel away from people who don't make me happy because I don't see a point keeping them in my life so if you see me, not talking to you for a bit or not talking much then I guess you would know that I am not happy whenever I am around you. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the people around me and I find that the reason why sometimes I get annoyed by people is because they think that they know me but they don't . I just don't like being around people who often have doubts about me or rather ask me questions which I find are stupid.
Such questions would include

"You like it meh?"
" Since when you like this kind of things?"
"You can meh?"
"Aiya please lor, with you sure impossible."
"I know you very well hor"  well in actual fact they don't.

I don't know why some people ask me such questions actually. I mean if I buy something or wear something, doesn't it  mean tha I like that item?  Basically I cannot stand it when people ask the obvious. I just find it completely irrelevant to continue my conversation with such beings. I don't know why people have to ask so much.

I know this is gonna sound like a total bitchy thing to do but sometimes I do wonder why do people still ask me out non - stop even after I had shown that I am not interested. I mean why do you guys keep trying. Am I supposed to feel bad ? Am I supposed to feel obligated to grow my feelings for you just because I have to? Must I really consider giving you a shot at dating and building a relationship together because of fear that one day no one would wanna marry me and then I'll end up as some weird ass cat lady? No. You know I am not really complaining of being lonely and I honestly feel totally fine being single. I am not the type who would settle down with someone just because I feel sympathy towards the person's effort. So yes, winning my heart over is not easy. I don't like giving false hopes to people and I honestly rather they do that to someone who would appreciate their efforts and treat them better than I can. Some girls are probably gonna jump right into a relationship because to them maybe, at least the guy can treat them better but for takes two hands to clap when you want a thing as a relationship to happen. It also  explains why my pool of people whom I've friendzoned is getting wider. But at least I am not hurting anyone.

Therefore I'd like to leave my relationship status as "if it happens then it happens".

So there you have it, a few things that I would like to do for next year. I know new year new bullshit to some...but well let's see if I have that set of discipline to stick to what I hope to achieve. :)

Till then <3

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