Suitors and Single Life


A lot of people have been asking me who am I dating or when am I going to have a boyfriend and if I have anyone in mind right now. Honestly, I feel that a girl should be free to make her own decisions as to who she wants to settle down with or get into a relationship. I mean come on people, love is not a game.

So whenever I tell people that I am just not interested or anything, what I get from the guys are mostly "Age is going to catch up with you" or "You are too fussy". Seriously? -.- 
You can't just have this mindset that single people or rather people who want to stay single are too fussy. Everyone has their own set of preferances as to who they want to date and what is their type. Just because a guy has been showering me lots of attention, it doesn't mean that I would need to settle for him or rather just "try things out and see what happens. who knows you might like him?". If there is someone whom I just don't really see being together with then what is the point of even trying? I am pretty much annoyed by the fact that people are now telling me that I should have more sympathy for guys who are like treating me well because other people don't even have such attention and that I should be feeling lucky and appreciative. 

First of all, let me just clarify that I am appreciative of whatever things they have done for me however I don't feel that I should give someone false hopes just by pretending to grow feelings for them and lead them on. Love should come naturally and honestly, you will find relationship and leave when you least expect it. 

I feel that when you are single, you get to know more about yourself and you will know what you want. However, I won't say that I will not step into a relationship. I'd probably will when the right person comes along.

Also, I don't really talk about the guys that I am on and off seeing in my life but let's just say we do have good times whenever we are together. If you know what I mean. My friends don't even know the names of the guys whom I have gone on dates with. So basically we call them Tinderfish, Grabbathighs, the underaged.

This post would probably make me seem like an unappreciative little bitch who probably has too many options but honestly, you'd be glad that at least I don't take advantage of men.

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