Let the memories stay


I was showering when I thought about Facebook.
I know right, of all topics , facebook.
It just kinda dawned upon me how close we are on facebook. How even though we may not be talking to someone anymore, somehow we still get to know how well they are doing or their next step in life. Be it graduation, wedding or the announcement of their first child, you would still be able to know without actually being legit friends with them.

Then what came into my mind was the difference between love then and love now.
Back then , there was probably no way that you would be able to peep into your ex-lover's life events because there is no way that you guys were able to remain contact. However now, as long as your exes stays in your facebook and is relatively active as you are, you would be able to somehow see how or what he is doing whenever you refresh the newsfeed or something. I am not saying like you stalk your ex but sometimes you just chance upon some things that your ex might have shared.
I thought about it for a while and I just imagined myself one day refreshing my facebook out of boredom and just see maybe an announcement that my ex lover is getting married or maybe expecting his first child. I just thought about how we are somehow still connected.

And then I had a smile on my face. You know at that moment when you see that everything actually happens for a reason and it didn't mattered to you who your partner was getting together with and whom his new wife is. All you know is that you feel happy for him. You feel proud of him for being wherever he is at and that even though things didn't work out between the both of you.Just be sincerely happy, give my blessings and respect. That feeling of acceptance and joy for someone.

Then I imagined even more and wondered if we would all still be connected even when we are in our 70s. Can you imagine a convo with your ex when you were 18 and then you talk to him again when you are like in your 70s? Just talking about how life was like back then. Maybe some of you wouldn't even bother about your exes or your ex best friends whoever, but I guess I am more of the sensitive sort. I tend to remember and value memories a lot. Whether good or bad, happy or sad....I guess experiences and moments make us who we are as a person. It is not that I am not over someone. It is just that I like to think about the past and feel nostalgic. You only have one life and you always meet people who leave footsteps in your heart. It also explains why I can get really sad whenever a friend forgets about me.I value whoever that walks in my life which is why sometimes I get emotionally torn and sad whenever someone leaves.

And then sometimes when I am on facebook, I happen to chance upon accounts on people whom have passed on and whenever I read the posts by others for that person, I just feel sad. It's sad to see posts of the memories they have of that person and how they miss them. Sometimes I go onto stalker mode, and I see posts like " It's been a year since you left all of us...".

Somehow I hope facebook would still be around even when I am in my 50s or so. I hope my blog still stays on the internet. It would probably be really interesting to re-read all of these that I have typed when I was younger and just re-read them. And probably having a "what was going on?" and just look back at the past.

I know people are always saying don't look back, and to look forward. Don't talk about the past. But honestly, the past makes us who we are today. So why not just think about it at times?

I wonder if anybody else feels the way I feel.
Or maybe I am just being too imaginative.

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