A quick recap of 2015


So let's just do a quick rundown on what happened to me in 2015.....Leggo.

In January ,

Started school again
Accounting was driving me crazy
I have no background in accounting
Drifting apart

In February ,

My last Valentine's day being attached
Broke up
My first photo shoot

In March,

Bleached my hair

In April ,

My first time having a hen's night celebration with my girls
My first time stepping into a thai disco
My first time attending my good friend's wedding

In May,

Backstreetboys Concert
Surprisingly did well for accountings.

In June ,

Went on a couple of dates.
Didn't work out that well as I expected it to be.
Another photoshoot

In July ,

Started school again
Dated or rather was seeing someone for a while but I guess I wasn't ready to get into a relationship again.
Got promoted
Chopped my hair

In August ,

Nothing much

In September,

The Maine
Yay my first time going for F1
Maroon 5
Dinner and Dance
Again, I went to a thai club and got wasted so yeah first time getting wasted.

In October ,

Liked someone

In November,

Dyed my hair black.
My 24th
My first pandora
Celebrated with my best friend
Really good company.

In December ,

A little sad.
Met a new friend.
Not too sure if I should have told Sept/October dude that I actually kinda liked him then but anyway kinda too late now because we don't talk anymore so yeah. If you are reading this, yeah I did liked you.
Hoping 2016 will turn out great.

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