maybe I am just a lovesick fool.


Maybe I was addicted to the happiness that came in the form of you.
I thought about us today and everything that happened.
I thought about the way you smiled at me the first time we saw each other and how unexpectedly well everything turned out.
I guess I was drawn by how laid back you were and how you made me smiled....
We're complete opposites when it comes to personality but even so, all I knew was that you made me forget my troubles and my worries.
It's so hard to talk to you...
At the same time, I knew that you'd probably not really notice me because I am probably just one of the many others that you have.
Eventually, I could feel things between us began to change.....
I'd blame it on overthinking but no,
The distance between us is getting further....

It didn't feel the same anymore
I never thought that I would actually feel this way
And it got me wondering....
Wondering why or rather how could I feel this way.....

 And that's when I knew that all these while I've actually had feelings for you.
And maybe I am just a lovesick fool.

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