Things people with a resting bitch face hear all the time and what we actually really mean


I won't deny that I have chronic resting bitch face that I tend to not smile in most of my photos because when I smile, I cringe because I feel like it is so fake and plastic. Therefore I don't really understand how people are able to force a smile in their solo selfies. I am talking like totally exaggerated excited smileys. You guys are the best at trying to fake a smile that I would honestly be worried as hell if you were to compliment me with a huge ass smile on your face. Like do you really sincerely like my shoes or do you just hate it? And yep, mean girls references.

So being born with a resting bitch face, I'd like to somehow share all the shit we hear from people and what we actually really mean on the inside.

"What's wrong? Are you angry? Are you okay?'

Fine, I know that I should be grateful that someone is showing me concern because of my expression but honestly nothing is wrong with me. I could probably be thinking about the date I had which went really well the day before yesterday or it could be that I am just stoning and thinking of what to have for lunch. Basically, we are fine. But when we do look really annoyed, shit's about to get real.

"You need to smile more"

And when you do smile more, you tend to actually frighten people off  or people think you are faking it. So I'll just smile when I laugh.

"When I first met you, I thought you were a bitch. Like I owed you money"

I get this a lot actually from friends and when they get to know me better, they are just mindblown by how warm and friend I actually am on the inside. Dang it, I am one frigging carebear but you wouldn't know because you wouldn't give yourself a chance to know someone like me. And honestly, everytime tells me that...I always tell them "hahah, its just my default expression".


Sometimes I don't even know how to express that I am interested to listen to someone when my expression is just like that. So sometimes there is a lot of  "sorrys" involved when people just tend to give up talking to me because of my expression. And yeah, lots of sorrys and explaining to do.

"Do you have a problem with me?"

Uhhhh no? I don't . I mean what? -.-

"Why are you always look like you are judging people?"

I have a habit of just staring at people and whenever I do that, my friends or whoever I am with would think that I am judging the stranger or whoever that walks pasts me when in fact in my head , I am like 'wow , nice shoes'. 

"If you smile more then maybe guys would like you more"

*tries to smile* but it just ends up looking creepy because it looks like I am a psychopath who would drug him and then bring him to my room and tie him up and punish him and not let him off. Hmm, maybe that is why I don't really get picked up a lot in bars.


Or maybe you should just shut the hell up.

When you say something vulgar with your resting bitch face on and people take you seriously and get offended by it because they think that you are mad at them

Another load of explanation crap to do. Actually the replies to whenever someone gets offended or think I am mad at them is the same. It's always " Hahaha no i am not mad at you". Then the other party would be like "are you sure?" and you really have to reassure them that it is not them but it is just you.

So there you have it , a short post of what people with RBF hear all the time and what actually goes on in our head. :)

And a rare pic of me attempting a smile.

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