What I find attractive in a guy


I am not sure if I've ever blogged about this. Probably I did in the #wannabemyboyfriend post (http://chanellearetha.blogspot.sg/2015/08/boyfriend-material.html) . You may click that if you are a new reader of mine and haven't read that. Honestly, whenever people ask me what kind of guys do I like or my preferances, I have no idea exactly which type I would like. However there are a few traits of a guy that I am attracted to.

#1 - Loyalty

I feel that there is nothing more attractive than someone who stays loyal to their special other. Maybe it is the era that I am living in whereby nowadays it is pretty common to hear of stories of infidelity. Haha, why doesn't anybody try to stay committed and loyal anymore? Maybe then again, it could be because of the vicious cycle of love. Someone nice falls for the wrong one and then because, they felt angry ....they treat the next person the same way and it just goes on and on. I feel that such mindsets should change because it isn't fair to just vent or have your revenge on someone whom is innocent and whom could have treated you better. I've never believed in a rebound relationship and I am sure that I'll never be one of those who would do that to others.

#2 - Admitting to Mistakes

If there is one thing that I find wrong about couples, it is that somehow....people are just not into admitting their mistakes if they have offended someone or whatsoever. Instead of apologizing, they'll start labelling the other party as being too sensitive etc. However, there is a fine line between admitting to mistake and just letting your girlfriend win every argument. Admit your mistakes only when you are in the wrong.

#3 - Someone who makes time

Someone who makes time for you is definitely someone you wanna be with because you know that you are important to him and that despite his busy schedules , he is still making time for you. I mean it doesn't have to be like meeting him everyday. Making time could also mean dropping texts, phonecalls , or even skype if you are involved in a long distance relationship. As long as he has you in mind all the time, you know you got yourself a keeper.

#4 - Someone who listens

I feel that sometimes arguments arise because there is lack of understanding between couples. It could probably be because both parties are defensive and therefore they fail to actually listen and so the argument just gets even more heated up. Honestly, if people took the time to listen and not jump into conclusions and making false assumptions, most problems can be resolved quick.

I feel that these few traits that I have mentioned is probably what everybody else would want but you know sometimes in life, you can't always have what you want and so, you end up meeting someone whom is pretty much the opposite of all that I have listed here.

Sigh, heading out to Gardens by the Bay later.... :)

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