get drunk and naked. irrelevant.


 Heh decided to wear red because SOMEBODY said i needed color in my life. Meh.

Maybe I should rename my header to like drunken naked shower thoughts or maybe a little bit tipsy but okay thoughts
But yeah, I'm probably gonna get a lot of " Hey, aren't you not supposed to drink?".
My answer is , " Shut up. I live how I want to live and whatever sins I commit, well it's my problem and not yours to handle."

So before that, let me just say sorry first if the English is like....really bad somewhere somehow or you just don't get what I am trying to say but I just felt the itch to type even though I know I should go shower now and head to bed because I have work tomorrow. Who the fuck goes drinking on a Tuesday , you ask? Me. But anyhoo, I enjoy having such random thoughts and most of the time drinking convos with me is pretty flexible? I don't even know if that is the right word but basically, I am alright talking about anything. If you want to share your weird fetishes , the horrible things you did like spat in your boss' coffee or whatever, you know your secret is safe with me because I am a woman of trustworthiness. Now let's move on to this load of bullcrap that I just wanted to say out because I felt like talking to 2 of my friends about this is not enough and I just felt like spreading the love or sharing this thought that I have.

I don't know about you guys but sometimes I do wonder why do I get attracted to things that are not good for me. I am pretty sure some of you would agree that you go "what the fuck was I thinking" as you look back on memory lane of you. Like for example a breakup, have you ever been in situations whereby you just go "what the fuck was I thinking dating Melissa?" and you just feel like hitting yourself in the face because you obviously know that she wasn't good for you because "gold-digger" but you still decided to wait under the void deck for 7 nights straight with her favourite fishball noodle just to make sure she goes home safe and has taken her dinner. And Melissa is well, one of those girls who expect you to get her a gift every monthsary. Actually, that example is a bit too stalkerish. But you get what I mean right, like you are attracted to something that is not even doing you good.

Another example is texting. So let's say you want to text someone but you get butterflies or just anxious or you just have sweaty palms the moment you think of texting that someone because maybe you like him but you don't want to be too sticky or maybe things just got awkward between the two of you and you don't quite know what to do. Maybe your friends tell you not to text him but you just felt like texting him. Now here is a question for you.

Which is worst?

To not text person A completely or to text person A and see two blue ticks and no replies?

Well, I guess for both ways it depends on the relationship you have built with person A.

Sometimes I wonder if we are attracted to bad things because they were the only bad things that made us feel good and bad at the same time. Are we just sadists by heart which is why we enjoy going through all of that? It's like a pimple...a whitehead. How does one even feel satisfaction by squeezing out whiteheads off their faces or peeling off the blister on our feet?
Maybe I am disgusting and this is a rather nonsensical post...
But yeah why???????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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