things people do that is stupid for me.


I am really really bored right now that I can not think of anything to do.
So anyway, today is Monday and I just feel like blogging about some things that have made me question a lot.

Basically the topic for today's blogpost is "things people do that I find are stupid"

 Don't worry I am not in the mood for the inspirational and philosophical chat that usually happens when I am drunk so yeah this post is more of like a rant and how I find some things stupid. I am not exactly good at explaining things because I might just come across as being too straightforward but here are a few things that I find to be absolutely annoying.

Disclaimer : This post was written by someone who is on "Bitch Mode".

I am bitchy and I like bitching around because I prefer being honest so if you are taken aback by whatever is written here, well I am just being honest. I know when I write these kinda stuffs, people are going to think that I am jealous or why do I bother so much or whatsoever but I really am not. I just find whatever they do to be stupid and yeah I just enjoy making fun of them. :X

#1 - Faking their locations on Instagram

I am totally fine with girls editting and using their filters for their photos. I do that as well and it is completely fine ebcause who the fuck wants the whole wide world to see your ugly photo right, hence filter. But this "faking" that I am talking about is when they post photos of themselves overseas and then having captions like "Oh having Fish and Chips in London" when their snapchats are clearly in Singapore. I mean why do you have to fake that you are overseas man? And then I'll just laugh to myself whenever I go through the comments of how everyone is like being trolled by that person. hah, people... ahhahaha it is so easy to bluff them.

Maybe if I took a picture of Lazarus Island, I could also caption , "Yay holiday in Bali".

#2 - Girls who victimize themselves

I can never stand girls who always try to victimize themselves in a situation that was caused by themselves. It is very tedious to talk to such girls because they will never ever see themselves as being the root of the problem and then goes all out "Oh everyone is out to get me" on their social medias. For the love of pineapples, just stop it. If you can't accept the opinion of others then just learn to grow up for fuck's sake. You are not a princess....which leads me onto the next point

#3 - Demanding Princess behaviour

If I was in your kingdom, I would probably start a riot or pack my bags to leave the kingdom. I do admit that I have a Princess behaviour as well when it comes to food because I hate de-shelling prawns but I know that I will not order a prawn dish because I am lazy to peel. But some girls are just downright horrible. They will expect you to do things their way and I hate that because I feel it is really selfish and it just irritates me a lot.

#4 - Girls who flaunts their assets in a distasteful manner

Now now, I do know and am aware of my photos being very racey and distasteful as well but the ones that I am referring to are basically girls who flaunt almost everything and they have that "come and fuck me look." I mean it is totally fine to take photos in lingeries or whatsoever. But when you are really just trying too hard to be sexy, it just puts everything off. If you want to be sexy, you gotta leave some for the imagination. The mind is a very sexy thing. If you show everything off at the same time, then there is no excitement for the other party. Imagination = Creates Excitement.

See , you just got like a tip from me when it comes to trying to seduce a guy.

#5 -  Girls who can't leave their exes alone

Whether if the breakup was initiated by her or him, I just find it annoying when a girl cannot leave their exes especially after knowing that their exes has already moved on or is with another girl. That is pretty disrespectful and honestly, you are just going to make things bad for him and his new girlfriend. Girls think alike and we are all insecure, so I am pretty sure she knows what you are up to when you try to appear in your exes life more than you are needed. There is a reason why you are an ex-girlfriend. It means that things didn't work out between you and him. And when you know he has a new girlfriend, it just means that you have lost your chance or try again later when he is single.

#6 - Teenage girls who behave like they are 21.

Ugh, I can't stand all these xmms (xiao meimeis = little girls) who are fucking below 18 but they are behaving like as though they are 21 and oh my god, putting so much makeup. I mean why the fuck are you trying so hard to look older and more matured. You know it will be really hilarious if one of these girls actually dress so hard to look matured but they haven't even had their first period. Just take the time to grow up, why are you rushing to grow up? Just to fit in to the crowd?

#7 - "Squad Goals"

One word : overly-used.
Before Taylor Swift made 'squad' an in thing. What was 'squad' even called? LOL. So yeah just stop it with your squad goals. Like who the fuck are you planning to attack or go to war against? A bunch of lalangs in Punggol? LOL. If you guys even dress alike or similar, why not call it minions or something?

#8 - "Queen"

hahahahaha this one just kills me. Hahahha. I cannot deal with this. I don't know what is with kids these days, maybe I am too old for this shit but it amuses me when they call this particular blogger or instagrammar "Queen". Like what does that even mean?

All hail Queen ___________.
How about no fucking way? LOL
Okay maybe I just don't get what the young people are talking about these days.

#9 -  Everyone is doing everything like everybody else.

Maybe it is trend or whatsoever but omg, just make it stop? I don't know how many times that I have actually seen girls with the same white nike cap in town. Before Kylie Jenner actually made it cool, I bet these people weren't even the type who would actually wear those caps. Same thing with the Calvin Klein undies, which is also trending now or rather have started to trend. And then also comes with the whole street photography shit. What is with the sudden trend in street photography? Don't you guys think that it is kinda boring? That you meet photographers and the concept is the same as everybody else? Don't you guys wanna look different apart from just "swagging" like everybody else. I mean if everybody else is doing similar shoots as you, it is not even swag-worthy. I mean, find some originality people. Try to be yourself at least and not just do something to fit into the trend just to get more likes on your photos or to gain more followers.

And with that, I conclude my little rant on what things people do that I find are annoying
Have a great week :)

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