8 categories of wtf from guys


Sometimes I wonder if I am being too fussy when it comes to guys or it seems like I just attract grade A assholes. I have to admit that I go for looks and then personality, so don't come and judge me and say that that is why I attract the assholes or whatever. Everyone is like that.

I honestly do wonder what some of these guys are thinking when they talk to me. I feel really tempted to just screenshot some of the conversations that I have with these guys  but nah, can't be bothered to do that.  So if you are one of the guys mentioned in this post, well that's why I don't reply you anymore.

1) "Take a selfie for me" guy

For someone whom is constantly taking selfies and such, I guess it is not a surprise that I actually get guys who make requests for me to take a selfie. But when he asks me for selfies like in every 2 hours, I just get creeped out. Like what the fuck is wrong with you? If you want to look at me so much, just go onto my instagram. 94% of the content there are just pictures of myself. So why should I send a special selfie to you when I don't even know you and you don't even try to get to know me. Most of the time, these conversations are boring as hell. It is always

"So what are you doing?"

"Ask me a question."

"Send me a selfie"

Dude, wtf.

2) "Help me find girlfriend" guy

There are some guys who actually slide into my DMs and asks me to help them find a girlfriend. Well, I am sorry to say that I don't exactly hook my friends up with guys I don't even know. Like do I look like some non profit matchmaking agency? I get it. My friends are hot. But you are pathetic. I only want the best for my girls.

If they get me when I am doing nothing, I would actually entertain them further by asking what are their requirements and I lol-ed so hard. Dude, you making requirements of what you want in a girlfriend like as if you are Tom Hiddleston. Please, you are not even close. Some of these requirements would include

  • Fair skin
  • Height between 160 to 170cm only
  • Chinese/ Pan Asians
  • Not too much makeup

You make it sound like a job advertisement with your requirement.

3) "I like girls who are au naturel" guys

First of all, I don't have a problem with girls who are au naturel but I do have a problem when guys are like omg I love girls who don't put on any makeup but in reality, the ones whom they check out are chicks with loads of makeup anyway. What logic is this that you are talking? 

Anyway, why do guys always have this idea that we put on makeup for them? Do I expect to be complimented because my eyeliner is on fleek by a guy? No. Do you think he will even notice that I am having a good eyeliner day? No. Bitch, I am doing this because I can. Do you think I spent all that money on makeup just to please a guy and for him to tell me that my makeup is on point? No. So fuck you to ever thinking that way.

4) "The think too highly of himself" guy

I don't know why but these specimen of males are the kinds whom would tell you that he is seeing another girl but doesn't mind seeing you as well when in the first place, you honestly don't even want to date him. They are just too full of themselves and honestly, they should just go marry themselves. Ugh so disgusting. Like omg, stop talking like you are so hot when you are just a piece of shit.

5) "The can't take rejection" guy

Somehow "the think too highly of himself" guy is also the "can't take rejection" guy. Ego game is strong with these two categories of men. And when you reject them, they will probably call you a slut or a bitch because you just don't want to go out with them. Please, just because you talk to me...it doesn't mean that I am obliged to reply to you. So you should honestly thank me even if I did bothered to reply you.

6) "Rude assholes"

They are just plain rude, can't start a conversation and sometimes talking to them just makes you question why you need to put yourself through all that bullshit. Sometimes I have to say that I am amazed by how well I can still patiently reply them.

7) "The test you in every situation"

Nobody likes tests. I bet he is those in class whom would remind the teachers' of a pop quiz. So don't go using tests or mind games if you are still in the early stages of knowing someone. You will just put them off completely

8) "Send me nudes"

If you want me to send you nudes, well at least pay me or something. Why the hell should I even send you my nudes in the first place? Sometimes, these guys they would actually snap a picture of their penises but I feel sad for them. Apparently, their penis aren't that nice or fantastic. If you really want nudes, go surf porno or pay some girls whom are willing to send you the nudes.

Honestly, I can see myself possibly dating girls in future. 

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