Customers are always right? not really.


Before I begin, let me just say that whatever is mentioned is here is entirely based on my opinon of things. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right about certain things. I have been in the service industry for a while but here are just some of a few things that I have observed and thought of as of late.

 I guess many of you would have been familiar with the term "Customers are always right". Well I disagree. You see , even though customers pay for service charge and such, it does not mean that they are always right. I feel that for a good customer service experience, you need two hands to clap.  Even if you have a really nice sales girl who attended to you but you decided to behave like the prick you are, there will not be a good service experience for you. To you, it might seem like whatever she was doing was just average but maybe to others, they might think that she was a good sales girl despite the fact that you both were given equal treatment.

I have to admit that sometimes, I do feel reluctant to serve people because of the way that I am being treated. Somehow or rather, I feel that when you talk about is just another word for " As long as I am here, you are my servant". I don't mind that we are your servants but sometimes people just need to treat others with respect and not abuse them. Yes, we know that you pay for our service but that doesn't give you a right to hurl vulgarities at us when things do not go your way. Honestly, when I face such people , I just feel like shit. Part of it is because I couldn't do anything besides saying sorry for something that I couldn't help with and also partly, to have a stranger hurl vulgarities at me.

Once in a while , I come across stories such as relatives of patients calling their nurses stupid or even videos of such things happening and I just get really annoyed. Nursing is a profession that I highly respect because not everyone can put up with that and to have someone calling a nurse stupid is really mean. First of all, your family member or whoever, will not be able to look after themselves without the help of the nurse. Secondly, you are going to make her feel really demoralise.

Sometimes I feel that maybe people should have an experience of what being in the service industry is all about. Maybe if they put themselves in our shoes, they might be able to understand us better and to learn how to be more patient.

People need to remember that paying for service charge, it doesn't mean that you have all the rights in the world to abuse it. And sometimes saying a thank you can actually make our day. I honestly feel happy when I am able to build good relations with my patients or their relatives. It just makes me happy serving them and it warms my heart.

Maybe to have a good service experience, first of all you need to be a good customer. Trust me when I say that majority of the people in the service line, they actually try their best to give their best service to you even though we are fucking tired. It is just part of our jobs to serve you but sometimes we don't need to deal with some shit that you'd like to throw at us.

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