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After the post on 'Guys you meet on Tinder' , here comes a sequel...'Chicks you meet on Tinder'. For this post, I had a friend of mine filling in details of the types of girls he come across on Tinder. So thank you , QJ , for sharing with me your experiences on Tinder. <3 

Blue - What he says
Red  - My opinion

1. The "Entered The Wrong Class"

Profile says "Friends only"

Because it makes sense to use a matchmaking app to find lifelong friends , just as one would use a frying pan to hammer a nail. Technically possible, but practically and functionally baffling.

Well I do admit that sometimes when it comes to guys whom I am not "feeling it", I'll just say friends. Yeah sure you swipe right and all...but after talking for a while you start having vibes of whether you wanna date the person or no. 

2. The Embarrassed

Profile says : ' I don't know what I'm doing here, anyhow swipe only" or "just here to see what the fuss is about".

Experts say up to 50% of the aforesaid "fuss" is ironically created by this demographic group, who won't admit why they're really on Tinder.

Well I must say that sometimes admitting that you use Tinder can be a little bit embarrassing  especially if you are amongst friends who don't need to depend on dating apps to get a partner or if you have friends who are very judgemental and giving you the "Are you serious?" look. But anyway if you are a girl and you are using Tinder, just be honest because the guys there are also using the app to get to know girls. So it is a two-way thing. Nothing to be shy about.

3. The Been There, Done That

Mandatory photos include picture in front of wheeler's yard. picture in front of Swan River Boat House. Picture of a reenacted "follow me" , you know the hold the guy's hand and take a photo...leading the way that sort. *Inserts rolling eyes emoji*

Her profile reads "I love to travel" in as many languages as she has googled ; just in case you confuse her with the large majority of people who hates going on holidays and vacations ; and is therefore interesting.

Honestly I find girls who have "I love to travel" in their bios rather...dumb. I mean if you wanted to write you love to travel, it could be misleading. So by travelling,do you mean you love travelling via a taxi? or a cab? or a trishaw? Kidding. I know what they ACTUALLY meant but then again who the fuck doesn't love to travel? If I was rich I would probably travel everywhere on any mode of transportation and then come back to Singapore. 

4. The Spy

Picture : None
Profile : None

She's here to catch her cheating boyfriend on Tinder.

Expect either no picture or random picture of maybe an apple as her profile pic for example.
Also, chances are...that this is a fake account.

5. The IQuote

Profile reads : ' If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best"
Just because Monroe said it, it doesn't mean it applies to you.

Also just because Coco said THAT, doesn't give you right to behave like a bitch all the time.


6. Heartbreak Holly

The attractive "mean girl" who all the boys have the hots for. While she's generally open about the prospects of meeting new and interesting people, what she really LIVES for though is berating and absolutely destroying predictable , game-less pervy boys who are blantly just trying too hard to get into her pants.
Some say you can still hear the shameful cries of the victims of her trolling to this day as they deactivate their tinder accounts and fade away into the shadows.

So I asked him which category of Tinder girls do I fall under and this was it. Yeah boys, just because I have like a lot of boob showing photos and suggestive doesn't mean I want to get on top of your surfboard. I'm just going to lead you into my cave of swollen testicles and a sad boner. Okay, that sounded damn wrong. Sounded almost like I am a transsexual....Speaking of which...

I am a goddamn lady. I have no idea why people would think that I am a transsexual. Wth honestly. 
"UNMATCH" right away.

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