So I have been using tinder for a while now and these are just some of the few whom I have encountered while I was on Tinder. Well let's face it, sometimes being on Tinder is like going through a very crappy flea market. You get a lot of crap but if you are lucky enough , you might find yourself a treasure.

1) Down To Fuck / Thirsty

Tinder is like every other dating apps out there. Some use it for a chance to get laid. Sometimes I do wonder why don't thirsty boys and thirsty girls just match? Honestly it is a definite turn off when I find a cute guy on Tinder and it turns out that he doesn't want anything else except to fuck. Dude...rude.

2) The "Perfect" (no not really) guy

The "perfect" no not really guy is the guy whom thinks too highly of himself on Tinder. Most of the conversations would be about him. How he is like the jack of all trades and talks of his new car and how expensive it is. Honestly, if you wanted to attract golddiggers, that might work. Not every girl on Tinder is interested to know about your new Audi or whatever the crap you are driving.

3) The "Trust Issues" guy

The trust issues guy probably got hurt a lot of times which is why when he looks through your photographs, he thinks that you photoshop everything to the extent that you don't even look like yourself. I know I probably shouldn't feel affected but I do get offended when people accuse me or ask if I had work done on my face. Fuck off, the answer is no. Anyway, maybe in future...I should learn not to waste my time when it comes to talking to such irritating specimens because the fella is not going to believe you anyway.

4) The "one who tells you what you should do" guy

I do admit that I have a problem dealing with guys whom tell me that I should be myself and such. Like what the hell? Why would I want to fake who I am when I am with you, stranger?

5) The player

You know what is disappointing? It is when you meet a cute guy, had a fabulous date with. You thought that it is gonna go well and that you are special. Until so
mehow somewhere, you realised that he treats every other girl the same way as how he has treated you. Sighpie, sad case.
I thought I was special?

6) The One Word Replier

Why are you even there if you don't know what you want to say? :l

7) The Right One?

Despite meeting all of these types of men on Tinder, I will not deny that there is a possibility that you might find someone who might just be the right one for you when you least expect it. There is a chance I would say. So happy swiping.

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