What you shouldn't say to someone who is mad


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was probably having a bad day but you said something and it made everything worst? Well here are some of the things that people say which actually pisses or worsens a situation. Let's begin....

1) Omg relax/Chill.

For someone who is angry, they probably can't think properly and honestly the last thing you want them to do is to actually tell them to be chill because by doing that, you are going to make them jump and also followed by a couple of  , "how the fuck do you expect me to chill?!" especially if they are already superbly and very pissed and annoyed. Actually, if you want to tell someone to chill or just calm the fuck down...here are a few tips.

  • Assess body language
  • Evaluate if the problem can be solved or if you can find other alternatives
  • Tell them to "calm down" instead of "relax ah. why you so angry sia?"

If you can't do all 3, then just shut the fuck up and get away from that angry person.

2) Comparing their problems to yours

The worst kind of listeners in the world are the ones whom compare themselves to your situation and somehow the "attention" has been diverted from listening to you....to now becoming listening to them. No matter how or what you say, they are still going to say that their situation is even worst. If you have such friends, please let it be your resolution for 2016 to get rid of them. If you were having this conversation with someone whom is mad, I wouldn't really blame the other party for getting superbly pissed and insult you because you kinda asked for it.

3) The make matters worst somebody

Please don't take matters to heart when a mad person just vented their anger onto you. Nobody deserves to get yelled at or screamed for no reason but sometimes it takes a lot of understanding to just ignore whatever that mad person has done and said because sometimes people don't mean what they say when they are angry. Of course, this is not an excuse to use all the time whenever you accidentally vented your anger on someone. If you know you are the overly sensitive sort, then sometimes it is better to just stay away from someone whom is mad because the last thing this angry person would need is to have someone talk to them about how bad their attitude is when in actual fact, you just got them at a wrong timing.

Honestly, what it really takes to calm someone whom is mad is to have really good listening skills and to be able to put yourselves in their shoes. Sometimes just by listening, it can actually help to cool them off as they would have already ranted enough and they would feel thankful for that. You can't actually help people all the time anyway but listening is good. :)

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