Woohoo Breakups


So.... I have been away from this blogosphere for almost a month because , I honestly have no idea what to blog. I tried standing in the shower for a longer period but meh, none. UNTIL............just now early in the morning so yay.

If you are in a relationship and you feel like you are unsure of whether or not to carry on with your relationship because of the following reasons, then let me just tell you...that you need to get the hell out of that relationship because why, because it is unhealthy. It's not good and you are just putting yourself into this shithole that you obviously don't deserve. Ladies and Gentleman, learn to love yourself more first  before you start loving another. So here we go, all the reasons and why I think you should step out of the relationship.

1) Abusive Relationships

If you are into that 50 shades of grey , whips and spanking kinda thing then fine carry on because what can I say, you enjoy getting slapped. Abuse does not necessarily by physical means however it can also include mental abuse. If you are with someone who does that to you, then just get the fuck out of that relationship. I mean what is the worst that could happen? Yes, your partner might go crazy and start threatening you with their suicidal intentions but you should know that this is Singapore and I believe we have a very efficient Singapore Police Force, so just go ahead and dial that triple 9 and make a police report. If they are legit cray, you are in a way helping them by sending them to a mental hospital. No one deserves to be abused except if it ends up with you having an orgasm. ;)

2) Money doesn't make everybody happy.

Now before I continue talking about money, let me just say that money can make you happy and miserable at the same time. Singapore is relatively one of the most expensive country in the world and most of us fall under the middle - income category.  Well unless you are rich then maybe you probably won't find anything wrong with borrowing/lending money to your partner or from your partner , vice versa. However, I do believe that neither of us has a "Walking ATM" in our resumes so why the fuck are you still with someone if they just want to use you for your money? Sometimes I just don't get it whenever my friends or whomever tells me that their partner uses their money but they still continue giving or spending their partners. I mean what the fuck . You just want to look good in front of that person but when their backs are turned, you are complaining. Whuddddddddd are you doing hoooman?

3) Cheater

A liar will always be a liar. A cheater will always be a cheater. A leopard can never change its spot. Okay maybe yes they might change but once trust is broken, it is just really hard to make everything like the way before. So, I'll leave this to whether you still want to be with someone whom has broken your trust. If it's me, nope.

4) When you have fallen for someone else.

If you have fallen for someone else, it is only right that you let the next person go because there is no point being in a relationship if there is no more love between the two of you or rather you since you have decided to be an asshole and fall for somebody else. So just break up with that person and don't hold on to them because you are just being a selfish prick by choosing or rather keeping them as an option. You can't have everything that you want in life. Life doesn't work that way. Life fucks you up one way or another because of the decisions you make. Sometimes it fucks up for a good reason and sometimes for bad. So if you still wanna be seen as the good one, just break off.

So there you have it, just some random blog update. :)
Thanks for reading!

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