Chanelle, you so mean


Forgive me if today's post is going to show you my ugly bitchy side because I am just feeling it and maybe I am going to start bleeding down under one of these days.

You know sometimes there are things which I feel like saying or pointing out but then when I tell it to someone it comes off as though I am feeling jealous of what the other person has when honestly I don't but it is their actions that are beginning to annoy the fuck out of me. Let's say if I were talking about this some other blogger or influencer or whoever it may be, and another person disagrees with me because to them , this blogger or influencer is like God so whoever that talks bad about them, so whatever opinions I long as they receive it as a negative opinion, they will assume that I am jealous. 

So as some of you may know.. I do have a snapchat account. I don't snapchat because I find it a bit stupid to show you how boring and mundane my life is. I am not one of those who gets like sponsors to go all over the country or like lead very carefree life that doesn't involve getting up at 6am in the morning because I need the job and money to survive. So why do I have a snapchat? Well , first of all it is because some of my friends love sending their snaps to me...I'm talking dickpics kidding. Okay, haha seriously though, I mean some of my friends are overseas so they like to share what they are doing and so. I thought my snapchat was pretty dead... as in the people whom I followed therefore I decided to follow a few more people. 

Judging from the people whom I followed , I swear some bitches have insecurities and damn, their insecure game is strong as fuck. Why do I say so? If there is anything, I just can't stand when people snapchats their PDA moments... Okay, once in a while it is fine. But if it is getting too excessive and you are like saying "Mine" onto almost 80% of the snaps that you post, girl you are fucking cray. I mean yeah we get it ....your boyfriend is hot and such. But fuck, I didn't follow you to look at how you and him are cuddling in bed. If I wanted any of that, I would have just been a member of and watch some real porn. Girls...why do you even do that? Just calm down. I know he is your boyfriend and I get it that he is hot as hell, but if you are like constantly snapping pics of you and him when you guys are about to have sex and having such possessive captions. It just shows how much of a freak you really are. 

haha, I am not too sure if you guys know who I am talking about here but............HEHEHE. 

But the funny thing is right, I still follow their snaps. I don't know man. I mean I follow and then I talk about it and it just gives me such satisfaction when I have like little moments of bitchtalk and all. You can't blame me man. I am only human. I am not some fucking Angel who comes down onto Earth and not judge people. Everyone judges everyone.

Oh you know once, I came onto this chick's snapchat. And fuck I swear she is crazy. So apparently a few snaps before , it showed of her apparently purchasing hamster from another person. So I thought that okay maybe you know, she just wants a pet hamster or something. But fuck was I in shock, when I saw her feeding the hamsters to her pet snake. I went from Aw so cute to Oh shit what?!
I am not going to disclose who this chick is but she is just legit cray in my head. 

So you see guys, bad. Somehow or rather, you follow people and honestly you get to see who they really are from their actions and such. That's the problem with social media I guess....
You show too much of your everyday life and...after a while, there is nothing much about you. Everyone knows how you are like.

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