Everyone has feelings.


You know that feeling when you are in bed but it seems that you can't get yourself to sleep because you are bothered by some things. Like your mind just wanders off to your deepest darkest thoughts and you start questioning yourself a lot.

Sometimes whenever I meet nasty people, I wonder if the problem lies with me or are people just insensitive in reality. Could it be that because we are all so dependent on communications via text, that we have somehow lost touch on how it is like to actually meet someone in real life. Or maybe have we become too comfortable with someone that somehow we don't really watch what we are saying and that we unknowingly offend them. 

Somehow or rather I am always blamed as the mean one. The one who is of a bad influence, the one who has an attitude problem. 

Sometimes I wonder why do people behave like pricks if they want to get to know someone. I mean yeah sure, everything is not real anyway but honestly, why can't people be nice? Even if it is to  someone whom you don't know or anything, I  just feel that you should treat people as how you would in real life. We all have feelings. 

Honestly, I am finding it hard to somehow find someone whom is able to understand me. If you have read my blog for a while, you can probably tell that I am the sort of person who likes keeping things real. I don't like to insult people or say things that I know would piss the heck out of them because I know that if I was the one on the receiving end,  I would be pissed as fuck.

It honestly saddens me that sometimes when I am in bed, I think of why is it so hard for me to meet someone whom is able to understand me or at least talks to me in an understanding manner. I can assure you that I am not difficult. 

I am sorry if I sounded really sensitive here. But sometimes I feel that we all need to go back to a time where we would all have respect for each other. Maybe we need to put a bit of our hearts and brains in every convo and the way we treat others because everyone has feelings afterall. 

Just stop with all the negativity.
It is not appreciated.

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