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So as you guys may know, I am on the April's Issue of Men's Health Magazine Singapore. To be honest, I kinda didn't expect for my blog to attract a lot of readers. I wouldn't say my views are as sky high as the other known bloggers but still....there are people who actually love my blog and whatever I write....which makes me feel like writing more. Honestly, I get excited whenever I have a title or a thought during my naked showers session. I'll just wrap a towel, get a paper and start drawing and writing things which I want to mention in my next blog post. It is amazing how I get so much passion by doing this. I love writing and just pouring my feelings out and am glad that someway or another, people find my posts to be relatable at some point of their lives.

I first started blogging properly as of last year right after a breakup. I needed to get my mind off things and eventually blogging became like a side hobby for me. I managed to meet new people and now I am actually having fun collaborating with a few photographers and we'll just go for shoots on a weekend or so if our schedule permits. Socialising can be fun however, in this social media industry, I guess it is really important to find out what you really want to gain out of it. Some do it for fame, some do it for money while there are others who fall into the for fun scene and that's where I belong. :)

When I first started out blogging, I kinda told myself that I don't want people to just pass my blog and see me as oh just another random blogger. Sponsorships after sponsorships, advertorials etc. I wanted to be as real as I can because let's be honest, it is really hard to find blogs these days or rather things that you want to read when you are going through a hard time. I am only 24 , there are lots of things that I have to experience or rather may have already experienced and I feel that....you know sometimes it is just nice to find something that you can relate to. I am just a normal girl. Sometimes I do get asked if I get affected by whoever that follows or unfollows me on instagram and such, but to be honest...I don't. I don't give a single shit about the amount of followers I have on Instagram because I don't chase for the fame or the likes.
I mean after all, this is not the real world. This is just the internet. Just because you have a high amount of followers, it doesn't mean that you need to be treated as a queen or whatsoever.

Fame changes people. And I don't want to change.
I must say that it is a real turn off whenever I meet someone whom is just fame hungry or leeching off another person in order to be popular.
It doesn't work that way , guys.
Nobody becomes famous overnight.
It's all about the effort from the beginning and the perseverance.

People get recognised because of the work that they put in.
Speaking of which, I probably wouldn't consider joining a blogging agency if I was ever approached.
Because if I do, how am I going to be able to go wild and free with my posts? Hahahah.

I know my audience, and I know what you guys are hungry for.
Don't worry.
I've already got ideas coming up. :)

Similarly, you can actually feel free to slide into my DMs at chanellearetha on Instagram or just drop me an email at chanellearetha@gmail.com if you guys need advices, opinions or even topics that you'd like me to talk about on my blog.

Thank you once more for everything for the past 1 year that I've been here. :)

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