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So i got bored on the train, and as per req by some of you.

What am I listening to?

I rely a lot on Spotify when it comes to checking new music out. As of now, Emma Louise has been like on the top of my list. Really good stuff. If you are into like a stoning and semi trance mode, you should totally go check her out.

Some of my fav songs include : Talk Baby Talk and Underflow.

My all time favourite movie

I actually love aliens sorta movies as of lately and I am kinda excited for Independence Day. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Some of the classic movies that I enjoy particularly would include Aliens (duh), War of the Worlds.

I am not really a fan of Avatar though. Haha, I fell asleep midway. Sorry that I can't appreciate that movie. 

When it comes to horror, I am more of a fan of serial killers. Thrillers , crazy psychopaths and zombie flicks. Not too much of a fan of ghosts. Hahaha or exorcisms. I liked Sinister but I didn't catch Sinister 2. I enjoyed Pet's Semetary as well. When I was younger, I was quite afraid of the jogger. The dead dude who was trying to warn Louis and his family. And also Rachel's sister whom had this twisted spine or whatsoever. Creeps the shit out of me.

Romance wise, haha definitely the notebook chick and also Love, Rosie. I am waiting for Me Before You. It looks promising so, I gotta wait for it! 

I hardly watch tv. I guess the only time that I do, is when I need to catch up on the news. 😂
Otherwise no, and also I am not a fan of local television dramas. I just can't stand how fake everything is. I remember when Singapore USED TO have some really good shows though such as Under One Roof. As of now, the dramas are just meh. It's just "trying too hard" if you get what I mean. I could totally do a write up about the problems I find in watching local dramas that puts me off completely...but I'd save that for another post. 

My favourite youtubers.

I enjoy watching hauls. Beauty , fashion whatever.
Sometimes watching such videos make me wish that Singapore has 4 seasons! Wouldn't it be nice? Everyone dressing up according to the seasons! And in coats 😍

I love watching Sammi, aka Beautycrush previously before now known as SamanthaMaria.
Of course Jenn from ClothesEncounters. She is beyond perfect.

Fashionshell, Hausofcolors, LiliSimply.
Really beautiful women and omg lili's hair though. Perfection.

For local youtubers, I like DeeKosh. 
So funny and on point.
Some may find him rude and all but I kinda like his jokes. 
People should live a little sometimes.

And I have thus arrived at my destination. See you guys later. ❤️

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