Quit Blogging


Dear All,

I have been thinking for a while now whether I should quit my blogging and write ups for good. I've been having such thoughts for the past two weeks or so. Reason being that I am going to marry someone and for the sake of my spouse and his family, I feel that I need to stop writing at least for now. Most of the time our arguments happen because of the lifestyle that I lead and he does not like the fact that I enjoy sharing a lot of my opinions on the internet. I hope that for the past two years, I have managed to give you guys something worth reading and you had fun and learnt a couple or a few tips about life. I do admit that I am going to miss being able to say whatever I want and share my thoughts but I feel for the sake of my future, this has got to stop.

So thank you guys for being supportive and so sweet to read all of my posts.
I've had a lot of fun. :)

I am sorry that this came as being too sudden but...I just feel that I needed to stop.

So this is goodbye.

hahahaha APRIL FOOL

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