Then he tried to eat me and I was like baby please stop.


So I have like an account for my AskFm.

And I swear some of the questions I get are just hilarious.
I do enjoy answering questions and if you would like to ask me ANYTHING at all.
Here you go .


I feel that this fella deserves a mention on my blog because I swear no one has ever been asking about how my bowels are doing. Not that I want to be asked but still, the concern and care.... <3
I mean who actually asks you about your poop cycle. Only people whom are pooped obsessed and are just disturbing as fuck but still. HAHAHAHAHA.

So I'd like to say thank you for poop obsessed for caring more about my bowel system than myself. If If I tell you that I am having constant chronic constipation and have not pooped, does this mean that I am eligible to get a sponsorship from you? I'm talking unlimited life supply of prune juice and yakult.
I would be more than grateful and even though I don't do sponsored stuffs, I'd be more than willing to do one especially for you because..... you care about my poop. I mean that is just upthere sweetness.
You are not at the level of the Egypt Hijacker sweet but...sweet enough for me. 
Oh speaking of which ...the egypt hijacker incident though. 

He just levelled up Bruno Mars.
Chicks are no longer gonna be like are you willing to catch a grenade for  me.
Instead chicks are gonna be like WILL YOU HIJACK AN ENTIRE PLANE FOR ME?

So....I love you poop man!

This my friend, is the start of cannibalism. It begins with a taste and eventually a bite and a chew.
I am horrified.I don't think that we should marinate and like treat human beings like chicken. You can't just eat your own kind. That is just wrong and cannibalism is frowned upon many many societies. So please don't.

Don't judge me for my actions BUT

I've read on some forums about how people actually describe human meat and compaerd it to burned end of a nice pork roast.
First of all, why does one even consider or ask themselves what does human meat taste like?
Don't we all have enough meat and poultry in this world?
It freaked the heck out of me when I saw the comments on that forum.
And some were like down to try.
So people, please be careful.
Becareful of the strangers and people you meet on Tinder k.
If a guy says he wants to eat you, RUN.
Especially if he wants to bring you to a dark secluded area.
Just run.
Kinky is not when he is ripping meat off your bones k.
He is not Christian Grey and Christian Grey won't do that to you. 

Have a good one people.

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