Types of Girls on Instagram


Honestly, I didn't expect to get so many views with regards to my Bukkake Job Offer blogpost but okay. .________.

So hi guys, I am now back again with another blogpost : Types of Girls on Instagram.
Instagram is pretty much like my everyday news. Actually, I find it scary how I keep myself updated on instagram and constantly checking it every 2 hours or so. I do that more often than refreshing my yahoo news to see what's new. I guess you can say that the only type of news that would probably interest me is if there was a news about how a drunk man fell into the enclosure of a crocodile in the zoo or just some serial killer on the loose or... maybe someone managed to jump on the MRT Tracks again and their body split into half.

I have 12 types of girls on Instagram here. Mostly they are what I see whenever I get onto the explore page or when I just insta-hop. Actually it would have been more fun if I added some photos and started being a troll BUT I shall not attract unwanted drama from the girls on instagram so I shall not. Heh. You know who they are and which category they fall under after a while.

1) The Fashion Bloggers

I admit that I get jelly at times because some of them actually get sponsored by Guess and stuffs. So anyway, the fashion bloggers are basically people who take the effort to dress up and just look effortless in almost everything. Everything that they wear is up to date. Honestly, if you ask someone like me to consider being a fashionista or whatsoever, I'd probably go broke as I try to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. And my mom is gonna nag at me because of the piles and piles of clothes that I have.

2) The seem to totally be living the life

Sometimes whenever I come across instagram accounts of chicks who are like always on holidays, it makes me wonder if they ever need to work or where they get their money from. I am not referring to stewardesses or whatsoever but really, how is it possible that some people get to vacation almost 95% of the time. No school , no work. Sigh, life is so unfair.

3) The foodie

She loves her food. That's all there is to it.

4) The sponsored

You should totally follow a chick if her posts are always sponsored. Wanna know why? Because you might just get <QUOTESAMANTHALUV10> for a 10% discount code. Honestly, following such instagram accounts is equivalent as having a Burger King Coupon. 10% makes a whole lot of difference if the item you want to buy costs about $20. That is like $2 off. And imagine the amount of $2s you can save and accumulate to get another top ad also maybe have ANOTHER discount code. See, you are saving as you are shopping. So , your welcome girls!

5) The pole dancer

I don't know about you but I am seeing like an increase in trend when it comes to pole dancing. Maybe yoga was so 2015. So get onto groupon now and look for cheap pole dancing lessons!

6) The Selfie Queen ( I admit that I fall into this category)

I know, we take a lot of selfies...sometimes too many. But I just can't help it that I can't decide which selfie I'd like to post because I look good in all of them. :P
Being  a selfie queen is not as easy as it looks. We got to make sure the lighting is fine, makeup is on point etc. And everything has to be perf. Well, at least for me. I know people are sick of my face. They get onto instagram at 9am and the first thing they see is an overly- narcissistic photo of myself.
I do get unfollowed though. Probably because people are sick of my face but mehhh ain't gonna stop :P

7) The teenage girls who can't seem to wait for adulthood.

16year olds these days be acting like they are 23 years old. Omg man, calm down on the makeup. Why do you guys wanna age so quickly?
I just can't.... HAHAHAHA.
Whenever I see such kids acting like that, I can't help but laugh.
Omg guys, just stop it really.
Just act your own age.

8) The stalker

Do note that her instagram is fake and its sole purpose is to stalk. That is all.

9) The Might as Well be Naked ..oh wait she already is naked. ( Yep, me too)

There is a difference between slutty naked and classy naked. I wouldn't say that my pics are classy but I tend not to do it in a slutty way even though I am topless in some of them. I like my collarbones a lot and I love taking such shots. If you wanna talk about slutty or trying hard to be hot, think fake boobs and push up bras. I don't really understand why some girls would still push their boobs way up despite having breasts implants. Like if you want everything to spill, just let it go. Don't stop the boobs from being free. Free the boobs!

10) The fitness enthu

Looking or rather coming across their instagram....makes you feel like selfesteem -1000.
It's like you wish you had instant booty but NOOOO...you gotta work for it and
seeing their posts just make you shitty.

11) The fangirls

They are owners of fanclubs and some of them are very sweet in the sense that they create fanpage for our local youtubers. I think those are really sweet so majority of the time, these bunch of people would be the ones who will defend their favourite youtubers/instagrammers if a hater comments on their "Idol".

12) The model wannabes ( Me included)

Because our photos on Instagram are mostly photos from photoshoot collaborations with other photographers in Singapore. You won't see any other photos. Everything is chosen strategically and posted at a certain timing. Yep, timings that are pretty much as how you would expect from a tide before heading the beach. Obviously by posting a photo when your followers are more active, you would get more likes etc.

13) The fitting room girls

In a fitting room , the lighting and mirror are always really good. This is just one of the many ways to attract people to buy the clothes because they look good in them. But sometimes I wonder why do girls have like so many photos of them in fitting rooms. I mean are you gonna buy them or... you are short of cash at the moment but you still want to get a pic of your so called "ootd"? Thank God I am skinny as fuck so I can actually skip being in the que.

So there you have it. Just a quick 13 types of girls you can find on Instagram.

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