It's  a Friday night and I am home.
Just penning down my thoughts during my shower.

Have you ever once felt like if there is anything wrong with you at all?
Like why no matter how you are , people will always be there to say things that make you lose
everything in your life.
 I am not sure if I am just feeling this way because it is that time of the month or maybe I am just sensitive in a sense that at times, I do take whatever people say a bit too sensitively.
You can't blame me for that, it is natural and I am only human.
I have feelings.

What made me feel this way today was the fact that I was deeply disappointed in how someone whom I thought would think of me in a better way just had this negative thinking of me instead.
I don't know how to explain but I am feeling very disappointed.
You know that sudden realization when you look back on the past and you think of all the good things you have done and shit that you probably didn't even need to go through but went through anyway. It just made me wonder a lot on how I am always being too nice and I let people have their way with me. Even though some of them are just really selfish, I'll just give in to them.

It always seem that I am the bad one. Apparently, when it comes to me.... it is only my bad problems that people remember me for. No one sees when you are doing something good. Well, that is life. But then again, it is up to the people around you to see the good in you and not the other way round.
All of this depends on the people that you are with I guess.
It is always good to be around people who understand you and are supportive of you and your decisions.

People who send you good vibes and encourage you instead of people who are always putting you down.

Sometimes you shouldn't just judge a person by their photos or by their past.

Also, if you don't have anything nice to say, then just keep your opinions to yourself. Just because you know a person once or in the past , it doesn't mean that the person is still the same as the one you met a long long time ago.

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  1. This is a great post and you have a really sweet look :)