Why I'd rather be the bad guy


When it comes to people, I find it hard to deal with them sometimes.
There are people whom I can get along really well with and some whom are just plain stupid.
Which is why sometimes I rather just be the mean bitchy bad one since a lot of people have such opinions of me anyway.

I won't deny that I do have a really bad temper and sometimes I tend to voice out my frustrations because I am unhappy. There are times when people would act like they know me, or pretty much pretend like they understand where I am coming from when I am saying some things. And most of the time, whatever they say kinda pisses me off because I find their replies to be stupid.
I guess that is why sometimes I don't go back to the same people whenever I have a problem or feel like having someone to confide in. It's because you find that their replies are....insensitive.
Then comes to the part where these people would ask me why I don't share stuffs with them anymore.
I mean why should I share with you when you don't even understand?

I don't get it. Why do some people keep complaining of the stuffs I write but still continue reading because they want to know what my thoughts are?
If you are having a lot of arguments against my thoughts, why do you still read?
Whether I want to make this blog a place for me to vent my frustrations, say whatever I want....
I don't think that it is anybody's business to tell me what I should or shouldn't do.
What I should think or shouldn't.
If you think that reading my blog is like flipping open a horror story, then please feel free to click the [x] sign.

After a while I just started feeling that I rather be the baddie when it comes to dealing with people.
No matter what I do, the fault just comes to me.
Like if they gave me a sensitive remark and I counter-attacked it, they would somehow  push the blame back to me for being overly sensitive etc.
In the first place , why do you even say things that would eventually annoy the other people?
I feel that some people just say things without thinking.
If you have at least put a little thought or put yourself in the other parties' shoes, maybe you might understand their feelings better.

So yeah, let me be the bad one instead.

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