Meeting the parents


So after 2 months being together and the non- stop fucking and the playful "ehehe i love you. you put down first k" phone conversations, he asks you over to his place to meet the parents. Normally when this happens, I am scared as fuck.

Actually I think a lot of people would be scared.

So here are some tips that you can take note of when you are finally meeting the parents.


I remember one of the first few times I actually went to meet the parents, I wasn't  dressed appropriately. I was only 17 when I first met the parents of my then boyfriend. I wore like this really short shorts and slightly revealing top. That is a total nono honestly...UNLESS he stays with his dad only and has like maybe 5 other brothers. Then MAYBE they might apperciate it but if you are going to go and see his momma,'d better be covered up from head to toe.

For guys, please ah. Your hair...centre parting and with like loads of hair gel only because why? Because it shows that you are a good boy. A decent fella. Make sure no flying hair strands or whatsoever okay. Like even if there was a huge tornado coming your way, your hair.... is still still.


It can be tricky when it comes to bringing gifts for the family.
If you bring too much alcohol, they might think that you are an alcoholic.
If you bring fruits , they might think that you are judging their lifestyle and feel that they need to cut down on that grease and like eat more fruits because fruits = healthy lifestyle.
If you bring chocolates, they might think that you are trying to give them diabetes.

THE BEST THING TO DO is to get them NTUC Vouchers worth $50because who doesn't go to NTUC, you ask me. USEFUL RIGHT? And for the whole family. So basically with that $50 , your boyfriend's mom can buy her fish, your boyfriend's dad can buy his 6 cans of beer , your boyfriend's sister can buy her chocolates when she is pms-ing and the little brother can...idk, buy wet wipes I guess.

They are gonna love you for it because.... you are treating them like family and you are very concerned even though you guys aren't married yet. So basically I am actually giving you tips on how to be a really good possible Daughter-in-law. I mean come on, meeting the parents for the first time is like a test on whether they might consider having you as their in law.


When you are going to meet his family, you would have already anticipated a lot of questions coming your way.
So think through all the possible questions that may be thrown to you and rehearse at least 2 hours every single day for a week before you meet his/her family.
The reason is because every second counts.
If you were to delay while answering a certain question, the family might think that you are probably cooking up a lie to deceive them so that they will take you as their in laws.
So make sure you have gotten your answers all ready...and once they start questioning you, you got all the answers at your finger tips. It's like fucking 1+1 = 2.


Whenever you think that things are going bad, keep giving the parents compliment even if it doesn't make any sense. Anything random as long as you know that it will bring a smile to their faces.


No matter what, always remember that you are going to KILL IT  during your meet the parents session. Always believe in yourself and be certain that you will make a good ass impression on his/her folks.

You're welcome,

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