Service people and customers


Honestly after being in the service industry, I've had quite a fair share of unpleasant as well as pleasant encounters with people. I know I am not supposed to talk about this kind of stuffs on a blog but I am not really talking about or saying about anyone in particular. Sometimes, you don't need to be in a service industry to encounter how people are like. It can be just a casual experience with someone on the train.

The one thing that annoys the fuck out of me and I believe other people who are in the service industry can relate how people think that just by paying for their service charge, it means that... they are given the right to treat us in any way that they like. I would like to take this opportunity here to also mention the kindest and really nice people whom I have served before because you make my day. Actually, you make a lot of people's day when you are nice and treat people as to how they should be treated that is with respect and politeness. Like after dealing with some other shit, it would be REALLY nice to sometimes have someone making our day just by you know, doing the usual stuffs of appreciation like thanking us.

I know that you expect a certain standard of service because you are paying for it anyway but if you were given a type of service that is...pretty okay, then just stop behaving like you are some queen or king that people have to bow down to. Yes, we get it... sometimes things just don't go your way and I understand if you are upset or whatsoever,but ....sometimes things just can't be helped. I mean life is like this. You can't always have what you want in life.
For example, why would you raise your voice at your waitress if the restaurant happened to ran out of or your favourite dish from the menu was no longer on the menu? To be honest, it is beyond what the waitress can do for you. Well fine, maybe you deserve the right to be angry BUT... think you think the decision to remove the dish from the menu was her decision? No, it's not. It is the decision of the restaurant owners.

Please remove the mentality of paying for service charge entitles you to treat the person as a maid.

Secondly, you know people are hard as fuck to please when they can write complaints longer and faster as compared to compliments. Sometimes I just don't get how much more trainings do service industry people need. Like seriously, every service training emphasizes a lot on the usual core concept of being able to understand the needs of the customers , to provide excellent service, eye contact, body language...and the lists goes on.
I mean how much more trainings do you need to give to people in this industry.
The best part is that...all of these trainings are named differently but they all have the same objective.

Anyway all in all, I personally feel that in order to have a good service experience. It has to work both ways.
One shall not be a bitch when it comes to serving people and one shall not be a prick of a customer.
If you can't serve people well, then why the fuck are you still in that industry?
If you continue being a prick-ass customer, maybe you should start opening your eyes that the world does not revolve around you only. <3

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