When you feel single AF


Sometimes I wonder...how is it possible that some of my friends are able to get themselves committed in a relationship so quickly as compared to me. I have been single for a while now...And if you are like me, you'd probably find this post relatable.

Hence, the "When you feel single AF"

For me, I've had a few moments whereby.... I would like to think myself of being in a relationship with someone but sometimes when that happens or if there is someone who is interested in you, I'd just turn away and be like EH NOPE. NOT READY FOR THIS.

After being out of a relationship for a while... I must say that I have gotten rusty with what happens after dating. Even rustier, when it comes to telling someone how I feel about them because I am just bad at it. Haha, you might think that I am the sort that might actually have no pressure when it comes to telling someone how I feel about them...BUT NOOOOO, you are damn wrong. I am the type who would just HEHEHEHE and smile when I like them..or I'd probably disturb them in a too friendly manner that I end up getting myself in the friendzone or... they just get themselves interested in another girl.

The "when you feel single AF" situation can happen when you are listening to your friends' sweet stories of the things that their boyfriend or girlfriend has done for them. It can also happen randomly when you are on the train and you see a couple hugging and you are just standing there....probably not near any MRT poles or handles to hold on to and just praying that the train doesn't pull a SURPRISE brake on you because then you will fall flat onto your face. K, just kidding.

Then it comes when you have this guy who is interested in you...or shows signs of interest. To be honest, you could give yourself a chance to consider dating this guy. But no, you just don't see it with him.
It's like you are sort of at war with yourself except that you are not in deep misery.
It's more of like 'I want to be in a relationship but it's not with you'.
Call me fussy , but I have to admit that I consider a lot of things before I settle with someone.
By considering a lot of things, I do not mean...just financially.
There is a lot of....
Is this who I wanna settle with in future?
Do I see myself being happy waking up next to him?

I know it is early to think of if I want to settle with him in future but because of my age of 25...and come on , objective of getting into a relationship is to find a partner and to settle down one day anyway.
Otherwise, what is the point of being in a relationship when you don't even see yourself with that person.
Life is no Lana Del Rey Song Lyric.
You can love "Born To Die" but that doesn't mean that you should your life that way right?

Another reason why you feel single as fuck, is also because you have been alone and single for way too long to the extent that you are completely fine without having a partner. You are alright going out alone, catching a movie alone and also grabbing your meal. You have become so independent and too comfortable with yourself that once you have someone in your life, you just feel uncomfortable and unsure of what to do next.

If you are feeling lonely or sad and wondering if you'd forever be alone, don't be. Being single is like being at the beginning of the story, even if the story ends with you still being alone. Life is unpredictable and you shouldn't be so bothered if you are going to be alone. Your time will come eventually. For now, just enjoy the moment that you have for yourself. Take the time to get to know yourself better so that you will be able to understand yourself. Once you have cleared and am sure of what you want in life, it is easier for your future partner. In a way, you are helping your partner to know you better.
I've always liked the idea of having my partner to know me better.
It makes settling our arguments so much easier because...he would understand me better.

Relationship does not compromise of just love only. There needs to be an understanding between the two parties as well as trust.
If there is something that is wrong, just voice it out and not get overly defensive.
And that is why sometimes relationships just don't work out even though there weren't any 3rd parties. :)

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