15 questions


1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

honestly would love to travel to Iceland/Europe.

2. If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

Phone so that I can get out of the place

Fully charged phone powerbank charger in case my phone battery runs flat

Rice, in case I am hungry.

3. Which are you more likely to fight for, love or money? Why?


4.If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?

Russian so people can mistake me for one :P

5.What makes you happiest?

When my food is here !

6.If you could choose your last words, what would they be?

Thank you everyone for being here, see you again. <3

7.Would you rather explore a new planet, or the deepest parts of the ocean?  Why?

I've always been fascinated with the ocean but I can't swim. I am afraid of the ocean but I love the ocean. So... 

 8. What annoys me the most?

When people tell me what I should or shouldn't do, when  people are trying so hard to be something that they are not and overly attached couples. Like yes, we get it...your boyfriend is cute as hell, but is there anything else besides your boyfriend on SC? Sometimes when people have like too many photos or stories of their boyfriend, it makes me feel like they are probably clingy psychotic girls.

9. If you could change something, what would you change?

For now, my job.

10. What kind of people disgusts you?

When people asks me out and says it in a way like as though I wanted to go out with them. Example : Who knows maybe you want to go out with me? Or basically just guys who don't get that you are attached and uses the "well just because you are attached , it doesn't mean that I can't ask you out" Like hello, I already said I am not interested. Do you need me to tell you that in other languages ?

11. Have you deliberately broken anyone’s heart?

Yeah I did because I wasn't feeling the relationship anymore.

12.How do you define ordinary sex and making love? What’s the difference?

For me, ordinary sex is when you are just fucking for the sake of cumming. There is no passion in it. You are just fucking because you just want to let it all out. No feelings involved etc. 

Making love is the kind whereby you'd wake up the next day with a smile and either one of you is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Making love is...with love obviously. Lots of connection and compliments while you are doing it. Catering to one another's sexual needs.

13.If you were given a choice between your hometown and living somewhere else, would you leave your hometown forever or stay in your hometown forever?

I would very much prefer living in the central area. From where I stay, everywhere is like so far for me. I am pretty close to the ends of Singapore. Which end? Not telling.

14. What one song reminds you most of your life? 

Move along by the All American Rejects. I've had that song on my ipod, my previous mp3 since it was released. It gives a really good vibe like no matter what, we still have to move along even if the road gets rough.


15. What do you think should be stopped?

 People's obsession with the Kardashians/Jenners. Yeah at times, I do watch an episode or two of KUWTK but it just irks me when people are trying so hard to be them.





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