How to ruin a first date


If you haven't been on my Snapchat, you wouldn't have gotten to know that I left this guy 15 minutes before the start of a movie.
I swear that was one of the bravest things that I have ever done. You can call me a bitch or whatsoever but I have my own reasons for doing so.

Therefore, the title of this post : 'How to ruin a first date' , so let's get started.

1) The one who keeps bringing up about his ex

When you are dating someone new,you honestly shouldn't even bring up the topic about your ex.
Maybe if she asks then it is alright but otherwise, if you are going to constantly bring the ex topic up, it is just going to annoy the heck out of your dates. No one wants to know what your ex-girlfriend likes or dislikes. Do you think your date cares that the egg tart from Breadtalk is your ex's favourite egg tart? No. No one cares. If you are still into your ex-girlfriend, then just take your time and sort your feelings out before being on a date with someone and have them listen to all your sad sappy stories of your ex.

2) Phones

Sometimes I wonder what is the reason of me being on a date if my date is going to spend the entire time just using his mobile phone and not listening to what I say. And it can get annoying when he would ask me to repeat myself again because he wasn't paying attention or whatsoever.
So if you want to ruin your first date. Just give one word reply and use your phone 98% of the time.

3) Judgemental Comments

If it is your first time meeting someone, it is pretty much a common sense thing to be aware of what you say to the person because you are not sure how the other person might respond to your comment. What you might think is acceptable may not be the same for the other person. I am sure nobody likes to be judged so when I am with someone who tries his bestest to judge me and talks like he knows me within the first 10 minutes that we are together, I just... get really annoyed by them. Like dude, I am on this date not because I wanna be judged by you okay.

Like weight for example.

haha this is my favourite. So apparently, my horrible date thought that I was probably suffering from anorexia and having some body issues which explains why am I so skinny. I mean bitch please, can't you already tell that I am skinny judging from my photos? I mean why are you telling me "Oh you are too skinny". Can't you already tell that I AM in fact skinny from my photos. And why are you telling me the obvious. I am one of the most narcissistic person you've ever met. Of course while taking my selfies and looking at myself in the mirror, I can see clearly that I am  skinny. Even if you ask me to remove my contact lenses or not to use reading glasses , I can see clearly that I am skinny.
I have been skinny throughout my whole entire life, so you.....should just shut the hell up.

4)  Talk about having sex immediately

It may be fine if you are also looking for sex.
It depends really. If there is chemistry and all, then sure I'd love to talk about sex and all.
But if he is just going to be straight up front..and be like I am more interested to have your naked photos and to just be in bed with you...then no.

5) Pessimist and Negative

Nobody likes being around people who are constantly complaining about stuffs and only seeing things in a negative way. No one likes being around people who give off negative vibes. Try to keep your complaints to a minimum when you are on your first date.

So there you have it, a lil short post on how to ruin your first date :)

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