Must say hi?


I have been away for a long while and honestly, I am getting pretty annoyed by how people have this way of talking to me. 

Firstly, I am the type who don't really entertain unknown emails or facebook messages requests especially if I don't know who they are. Also, I am not the type who always wants to make friends and say hi to everyone and adding random people onto my facebook account or my instagram because I feel the need to. My facebook friends have decreased from about 1300+ to only 700+ and I am not done with deleting people just yet. The reason for that is because about 60% of the people on my facebook are either people whom I don't know but add anyway or... just old friends whom I haven't been in touch for a long while and whom I don't see myself keeping in touch with any time soon. 

Secondly, I am sick of how people are using the whole "but you are hot what" , "you are instagram famous" , " you are on men's health what that's why you can choose which hot guy you want to talk to or not".  Excuse me, first of all... just because you sent me a message on facebook or snapchat, it doesn't mean that I am obligated to reply you. There is no connection between me being on instagram or your opinion of me thinking that I am hot and the reason why I refuse to reply you or just give you one word reply. If you still don't get it, kindly refer to the first paragraph again. I do not entertain.Call me a bitch, but I am really picky of who I talk to. This has nothing to do with me being interested to talk to someone else because they are more popular ,more well-known or whatsoever. I just don't entertain mails from creeps. 

When we were kids, didn't our parents warn us about talking to strangers? Sometimes some of these people are honestly....anonymous.They don't even have like a proper facebook for you to look at or whatsoever. You can try using the email to maybe look for them but you won't receive any because they are that secretive. Isn't that just fucking creepy? It's like they know who you are but you don't know who they are and they keep sending you such mails. And when you give a one word reply , they say that you never put in effort to keep the conversation running. 

I just don't get it. Isn't it pathetic that you use such methods just to get a girl's attention and to use sarcasm just because she doesn't reply you? Face it dude. There are different types of girls in this world.
There is the "will talk to everyone" kinda chick , the "only talk to you if you are rich" chick , the "oh I think you are interested in me hence I don't wish to reply" type and  the "just don't wanna talk" type. 

And if it isn't already obvious, I fall under the just don't wanna talk type.
I am horrible when it comes to replying texts or even opening my line account.
I am constantly texting the same few people.
I don't text a lot of people at the same time because it can be really annoying trying to reply everyone and talking to everyone at the same time.

 I mean who the fuck said that I need to meet your expectations or like reply you just because you sent me something. 
Please. Stop . It.

And just accept the cold hard truth that.........

I suck at replying.

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  1. Knowing that a guy will treat you like a queen...both in bed and out of bed? Knowing he pampers you and makes you smile with his humour from time to time...knowing his long fingers can give you orgasms and with him is the best sex you've ever had with. Would you still continue seeing/dating him if he is attached? Would you be his side chick? For what is worth?

    1. No, I am not that kind of person.

    2. What if thats how it starts...but overtime he chooses you over his gf. Would you be with him?