STOMP.SG , probably the stupidiest thing ever created.


If you aren't a Singaporean and wonder what the hell STOMP is... it is basically this website full of garbage.
By garbage, I mean the news of  Secondary School students behaving inappropriately at about 2pm in the afternoon at a playground near their school , a cockroach found in someone's fried bee hoon or even picture of a man just being happily naked in his own home. Hold it, is it wrong to be naked in your own house but you forgot that the curtains were drawn and someone just decides to take a photo and sent it to STOMP? Isn't that like an intrusion of privacy?
I know Singapore isn't the only country to have such websites but I am amazed by how people would do anything and I mean taking photos of almost anything to just try their luck at getting that $50 NTUC Voucher.

It's funny how almost everyone here owns a smartphone but is not smart enough.
Everyone is just like on standby camera mode to probably wait for an interesting STOMP-worthy situation.
You are not safe.
Even if you decide to put on an outfit that is out of the norm, you'd get your picture taken and STOMP-ed.
Isn't this like a free world?
I mean why would you want to take a photo of someone who is wearing something outrageous just because you don't have the balls to do so or because you just find it inappropriate.
Come on, there is no reason to take that photo and share it onto STOMP and then within your own sick communities laugh about the person's taste in fashion.
Leave the man alone.
If he is happy in his fishnet stockings, just let it be.
He didn't steal it from you right? So...just let him be.

Anyway the reason why I decided to write bout this today is because of these two incidents  : -


 Dear Public,

I know that you guys aren't happy with Amos. Some of you even feel like killing him. But let me just remind you that this act here isn't right. If you are not happy, just leave such "punishments" to the Authorities themselves to handle. I mean what the hell is this guy in the cap doing. Are you like trying to act hero by making everyone proud of your actions like "Yeahhh we should do that to Amos. Take things into our own hands". Dude, please. *facepalms*.
Another thing to point out, why is it that nobody bothered to stop the guy and tell him to let Amos go?
I am saying this not because I am siding Amos or whatsoever, but I just strongly feel that this isn't right.
I am sure if someone had went up to the guy and asked him to let him go, the rest might follow. But no, everyone is just watching like as though it is some corridor side performance act. Worst still, everyone is like recording. I mean what is there to record. What is your point of recording? Who do you intend to show this to? What is your main objective for this? I understand if you guys are afraid and do not want to be involved, but if you guys don't wanna be involved...then just fucking move along. Don't just stand there and observe.

 Sometimes I don't get it. Why do people still watch Amos Yee's videos if they hate him?
You watch his videos and then you get offended and when you see him in public, you just want to hit him or punish him.
If you don't like something, then fucking stop watching his videos.
Just don't give him your time and your views.


Oh I wonder where were the adults. Oh, haha...I forgot. They were the free "photographers", capturing every moment of this out of the world SPECIAL incident. Because why? Because we have a 12 year old coming to the aid of people who obviously needed help especially since there was a PREGNANT woman.

 People....priorities...please. *double facepalm*

To him it wasn't special, but to others it was special.
Isn't that like the expected thing to do?
To help someone when they are in pain or in a difficult situation.
I mean what the fuck.
Would you like it if you were treated that way?
Instead of people coming to your rescue, they are taking photos of your vehicle and you being trapped.
Obviously no right?

 Let me this relate to a familiar situation when a small kid got ran over in China and no one came to help.
Congratulations, we are like..maybe 70% similar except that for us here, we'd take photos and then come to help or rather we wait for someone else to help.

Priorities of people here are : -





You do not need to wait for an accident to happen to see how Singaporeans here react.

You just need to slip and fall, and then everyone will look at you. 
No one would come to you and ask if you are okay.
Everyone is just watching you.
Sometimes I feel that as though I am a baby elephant that just had my very first fall when people look at me when I slip. 
There are times when I would honestly just shout " What the hell are you looking at ?" But when this happens, I'd be STOMP as well. And what would the header be "Crazy girl on the floor".

That is the problem with STOMP. It is so misleading and that you don't see everything as a whole and you are quick to make judgements just based on a title and just that photo. 
Most of the time, the people on STOMP are probably those who have no life and who would do just about anything for that $50 NTUC Voucher.

 Sigh, if only people actually used their brains more. 

Photo credits to : Stomp.SG , The Straits Times Singapore.

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