Why are you still single?


So I have been single for like a year and a half now and one of the commonly asked question is...."Why are you still single?"

I can safely say that as for now, my life is pretty much stable. As in I am not in any state of confusion when it comes to planning what to do next.

I do admit that sometimes it feels good being single but there are also times whereby I feel like it would be nice to have a partner to do things with. So here are some of the reasons why I am still single. I think a lot of single people can relate to the few points that I am about to mention, so here we go.

1) The one I like doesn't like me

I have been rejected by guys before. Okay, I never really like went up to them and tell them that I actually like them...because sometimes I find myself in the friendzone. It's like effing clear that I am in the friendzone so I didn't went any further. Life.

2) I don't like the ones who likes me

I just am not interested in them I guess. But not that I am complaining that I am single and all. LOL. It's just that I prefer being i a relationship whereby I like my partner as well and not just simply being in a relationship with someone out of pity or to just give it a chance. If there is no interest, I will not go for it.

3)Very choosy

I do admit that I can get very choosy when it comes to guys but at least I am choosing them based on realistic expectations. You can't  just choose anyone to get into a relationship and settle down with one day man. You have every right to be choosy when it comes to choosing a partner for life. I feel that if you are the sort to just anyhow choose your partner, you are going to land yourself in a lot of trouble. You need to at least find someone who matches your personality and whom you are able to yourself together with until either one of you dies.

4) You hardly go out

Because of the environment that I am working in and my hectic schedules, it is difficult for me to meet guys.

5) You are not into settling down just for "fun", you are looking for the real deal.

Since it is hard for me to meet guys , there are times whereby I'd use Tinder to actually meet guys. I don't know how some people managed to find love on Tinder. The only guys that I seem to meet on Tinder are the "after a while, he'll stop texting" and people asking for sex. And those aren't what I am looking for. Then again, one may blame my teasing personality that is the reason for me attracting such men.

6) I like my freedom.

Being single allows me to do whatever I want, wherever I want ...whenever I want. I probably haven't found someone whom is able to accept me for the things I do and are on the same frequency as me. If  it is not obvious enough, I have a lot of provocative photos because I simply just enjoy taking them. It's not because of attention sake or whatever. I am just into sensual stuffs which is why I am also into love making instead of a one night stand. And because I am Asian, we are still pretty conservative and so... majority of the men I meet would definitely mind. I think I would probably hit the jackpot if I've met someone who is really supportive of the things I do and makes me consider being in a relationship with him.

7) I'd only be with someone if he gets me

As mentioned in point 6, I am definitely looking for someone who is able to understand me really well and motivates me to be a better person. I don't like it if men asks me too many questions if I am doing something. Like why do you this, why do you that? Who are you doing this for? Must you really do this?

Anyway to end it off, being single isn't really a bad thing. It's more like you are just waiting for the right one to appear because you want it to work out. Or it could probably be because you were hurt before. Sometimes being single for a while gives you time to find out more about yourself and what you really want. I won't step or jump into a relationship just for the sake of it. Breaking up is hard. So yeah, I'd rather wait for now :)

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