Dear friends of my ex-boyfriends ,


Dear Friends of my lovely ex-boyfriends,

I am pretty flattered to know that even though I have broken up with your friend for a really long time, you people still stalk me on facebook, judge whatever that I post and make unnecessary taggings. First of all, let me just say that since you guys are friends of my ex-boyfriends, I should be none of your concern so I honestly do not understand the rationale or rather your motives.

Whether the breakup between us was good or bad, as a friend it is none of your business because this is just between your friend and I. Therefore, I don't see how my actions or whatever I do are important to you. Yes, you may have met me in school or maybe at a party or a gathering but that doesn't mean that you know me. To be honest with you, I do wonder why are you guys so interested in my life? You don't know me and you don't know how I handle things. Just because I post a throwback photo of your friend and I, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that I want your friend back. It just necessarily means that I was missing the moment then.  Are your lives too free that sometimes you have nothing better to do?

If you guys are gonna judge me and all, please note that I did not in any way break your friend's heart. So whether I post provocative photos or whatever, I don't think that you should go ahead and report to my ex-boyfriends about what I am doing now because I've had one of my ex-boyfriend from poly, SUDDENLY SENDING ME A PM asking me why am I doing such things or if I am very hungry and desperate for attention. Whether, I am hungry or desperate for attention, it is none of your business. Ever since your friend and I broke up , whatever I do from then on is totally none of your concern or even your friend's.

When we meet at gatherings and such, do you guys even bother trying to get to know me? No. You don't. So maybe you guys should have at least made the effort of trying to get to know me before making your own judgement of me. Maybe you guys just hate me upon the first impression but let me just ask you if I have in any way offended you? I mean I just don't get it. What is your problem. If you were unhappy about me then when I was with your friend, why not just be upfront about it and tell it in front of my face? Why are you guys just bitching about me right now when everything happened years ago?

Don't you guys have a job? Don't you guys have something even more important to do than to stalk my life and whatever I do?

And for the record, at least I didn't cheat on your friend nor have I ever used up your friend's money to get my stuffs.....


So I don't get all these hate coming from you guys.

So go find something useful to do.

Go ahead, tell your friend about this. It's only a matter of time before I receive their texts.

Whether I still love your friend or I have moved on and dating someone else, it's none of your fucking business.

Who knows I am dating someone but I just prefer keeping things on a low profile?

With love,

Your friend's ex-girlfriend

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