So here are some of #girlproblems. Enjoy!

1) The crazy amount of lipsticks...all within the same colour family.

So I am  a huge fan of liquid lipsticks even though most of the colors are from the same family which is peach. I've got Limecrime, Colourpop , L.A Splash,  Kylie Jenner and I am actually expecting one coming from Kat Von D which I have already placed orders yesterday.

Guys mindset : But they are all of the same colour
Girls : No, they are different colours, they have different undertones.

And the same thing can be said when we get red lipsticks. Different reds with different undertones.

2) Want VS Need

Whenever Sephora has their annual 20% sale, I am always at a debate with myself whether I really do need this or if I want it. Most of the time though, I'll end up buying more than what I had initially wanted to buy because...that 20% is a huge difference when you wanna get your foundations. So even though you still have foundation like about 60%, you'd still get a spare foundation JUST IN CASE.
I usually go makeup shopping alone because I tend to spend a lot of time just walking around.

3) Cutting hair and then regretting it

I like to do things without thinking. There was once I just randomly passed by a hair salon, and just walked in and decided to cut my bangs for no apparent reason. I totally regretted doing that afterwards. I then clipped my hair up. And then I'll be like regretting it and telling my friends "Noooo why did I cut my bangs? " T.T

Regret. You are supposed to live life without any regrets but there I was...seated in the chair, waiting for my hairdresser. Probably too oblivious to tell that I was going to regret this. Probably having high expectations that I am going to look so cute with my new bangs.

Only to find myself in remorse right at the end of hair cut session.
And made a promise to myself to not do such things again without thinking...
And to commit them again in like 8months time.

4) Tube Bras

I love tube tops and tube dresses but what I dont love though is when I have to choose the right bra to wear them with. I don't have a lot of boobs nor do I have lots of flesh around my chest /ribs area to prevent my tube bra from sliding down. My days in a tube dress or tops consists of me pulling up my bra at least 70% of the time. You must be thinking , "Why do you still wear it then?".
It's because I like it that is why I wear it.
I used to be like really insecure about not wearing a bra but I have found a solution!
Nipple stickers.
I never once thought of just leaving my house with nipple stickers but honestly, it is helping me a lot. Because of that I am able to wear tops which are not bra-friendly. So yay.
Downside though is the peeling of nipple stickers. The first time I tried to peel mine off, I felt a really weird sensation. LOL.
Also I gues if you are planning to hook up with a guy...and ...if you are wearing nipple stickers. Not too sure how he is going to feel about that..but eh, maybe he might like it.

5) Bra/Dresses/Clothes

Do you know why sometimes girls take forever when it comes to deciding what we want to wear? It's because right.. we also need to consider the right type AND COLOUR of lingerie to pair with that dress. Like for example, if I am planning to wear a white dress, I have to wear flesh skinned undergarments so that they won't be too bright underneath that white dress. Problem would only come in when that particular nude undergarment is in the washing machine and then I have to get a different outfit to wear for that night. After that is done, comes the shoes.
What shoes to match my outfit.
Sigh problems.

6) Shaving/Wax

I do admit some days I guess superbly lazy that I would just wear jeans because I cannot be bothered to shave my legs. I do love the feeling of hairless legs but sometimes I am just too lazy to do anything about it. So see, shaving is also another consideration to make while deciding what to wear.

7) Period

I don't know about you but I am one of those chicks who can get really annoyed when I am just moodswinging and people are like telling me "Okay I'll catch you 7 days later". Like what the hell now, you are avoiding any form of communication with me because I am mood swinging. You know why girls have period? It's because we have the bloody eggs for your sperms to fertilise stupid. Our body is a sanctuary. It is through this sanctuary that a life form is formed..and that life form is your baby goddamn it.  So please don't just tell a girl okay i'll catch you after your period.
I know that period shouldn't be a reason for mood swinging but sometimes... it would be really helpful to say the right things at the right time.

Honestly, #girlproblems aren't really that much of a bad thing. These problems are just experiences that we get for being a female. It is fun being a girl and I am happy that I am being born as a girl.

Alright, I'll shall end here as I am falling asleep.
Have a good week everyone <3

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