Population of Men & Tinder Coincidences.


I initially decided to label this post as Tinder Troll but to be honest I don't think that it can be considered as a Troll. So basically what happened was last night I was on a date with guy A and guy A asked me over for dinner to meet his friends. As he was introducing me to his friends, there was this guy...guy B. Guy B is actually one of my other "match" over on Tinder and we have talked about meeting up. Awkward right, I know. But thankfully Guy B was able to just play along like he just got to know me.
I felt really awkward and scared because I was afraid of what Guy B might think of me. But then i just had this sudden realisation that..it was actually normal to experience such things....
And here is why .

So I did some research on the population of males that we have in Singapore versus the population of females.


Okay the rest of the percentages are based on Assumption so don't take this too seriously.
Can't be bothered to find out exactly how many percentage are from a certain age group or so.

So as of 2015, we've got like 50.9% of the total population being males. Let's just round it up to 51% for convenience sake.
Okay, we know that Singapore is headed for this graying population right in the near future, so let's put at least 25% from this graying population as being males above the ages of  40.I know that 40 is too young to be included in this graying population thingy but let's just put them all under the category of (too old for you) and use the "if she is too young rule" which is half your age plus 7. So basically, the oldest yet appropriate age for a guy to date me...he would have to be 36 this year. ( 36/2 + 7 ) But then again, love can happen at any age but this is just a guideline in case I am considered too young for him.

Now, 51% - 25% = 26%. Out of this 26% are males aged below 40. So, let's eliminate those below the ages of 25 because I myself am not interested in dating younger guys. I'll give it a rough estimation figure of about  maybe 12%. So, 26% - 12% = 14%.

Basically 14% of the male population in Singapore are considered date-able to me.
I haven't like included other factors such as whether they are gay, married, have a girlfriend or single.
So I am just going to divide 14% into these 4 categories equally and so I am left with maybe about 3.5% of these guys are single.

Now...from this 3.5% , some of them might use dating apps such as Tinder or OkCupid to find love or everything else. You may start to wonder, why the heck am I showing all of these statistics. Basically, the whole idea is that....there is always a possibility or chance that the guy whom you swiped right to are probably friends with the other guy whom you have swiped before or going to swipe right to in future.

If you are unfamiliar with Tinder, there is this "Filter" thing whereby you can adjust the age range , the location and distance away from you. So if you happen to be near campuses or Universities, the likelihood of guy A and guy B coming from the same school would also be moderately high. In school, there are things like CCAs and also , there are different types of courses so.. maybe the chance of having guy A and guy B as friends on tinder...maybe a low chance.

So yes, last night was one of those nights whereby I was involved in this low chance of a situation.

You see from that 3.5% single guys available in Singapore , there is definitely a chance that these guys might actually know each other one way or another. Because of social media, such as facebook, we can even tell who knows who. I do admit that there are some guys whom I have dated before maybe in 2007 and they happen to be mutual friends with this other guy whom I was dating in 2011. You probably won't know it now..but if you are dating guys who are like doing the same thing or share a common hobby, there is a likelihood that they might somehow one way or the other get to know each other maybe through a gig or a running event or whatsoever.

And the same goes with women. If you are into maybe for example female photographers, there is also a chance that your current Tinder date and your ex might know each other since female photographers in Singapore are pretty rare.

Cut to the chase, basically all I am saying is that...it is perfectly alright if the people you meet on Tinder happen to be friends. That is what Tinder is all about anyway. It's all about experimenting, getting to know people...seeing who you can get along with, if there is any chemistry involved, any feelings. So maybe you might swipe Guy A and Guy B at the same time, but then when you compare the both of them...you like guy A better.

I don't think that it is wrong to be talking to a few guys at once especially since I am single even though that means that I shouldn't be acting like a slut.(Please note that talking to many guys doesn't mean that she is a slut nor is she going to sleep with all of them). Normally what happens is that..when you have found someone that you might like, you are definitely going to stop talking lesser to the other guys because you would want to pay more attention to this guy whom you like. You would automatically be too lazy to reply to the rest of the guys.

And once you have maybe found someone you like.... you might  quit Tinder altogether.

Honestly, I have never once spent so long on a blogpost before but I just thought it would be interesting to share this opinion and view that I have with the rest of you.

Have a great weekend , <3

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