the perv-tographers


So I have been wanting to talk about this issue for the longest of time.
Basically it is about this whole "photography and model" issue.

So I have previously collaborated with a few people however, I am kinda putting some of my shoots on pause as I am busy with my school, my work and other things. I tend to be very fussy when it comes to deciding with whom I would like to collaborate because there are just some things that people do that completely puts me off. Of course, there are legit photographers out there whom I trust and still go on shoots with because I treat them as a friend and all.
If you are new or have been approached by certain people for a shoot, here are just a few pointers to take note of.

The one thing that is of a concern to me is whether I would feel comfortable during a shoot and whether what he/she asks of me is ethical or if it is against my own set of morals.I feel that this is really important especially if the shoot involves you being topless or somewhat nude. There have been cases of models having their nude photos leaked out or the photographers making funny requests.All in all, the whole idea of the shoot is for you to have fun as well....and if you are being forced into something that you don't want to do then...what's the point in that?

What you can do is probably establish some ground rules like what your expectations are and what you will not do. I feel that it is important to make it clear what your objectives are prior to the shoot. By doing so you are actually saving both your time and your photographer's time because if he has some expectations out of that shoot and you are unable to give in to that amount of expectations because it is not something that you feel comfortable doing, well at least you would have gotten everything sorted out before you guys proceed on with the shoot.

I know that with the help of social medias everywhere and the convenience of direct messaging through these medias, it has become really easy for anyone to just go with someone and collab for a shoot. However, you have to be wary of who you are collaborating with.

I have had my fair share bit of weird encounters. I am not going to disclose the names of these people though because I don't intend to attract drama with this post but just wisen up when you are choosing with whom you want to collab with.

Encounter #1 

So this someone had asked me to collab for a shoot. At first he seemed fine, like really fine.
Until suddenly he started to ask me to intro girls to him and I just went wtf.
Like he would seriously start dropping messages to me if I have any girls to intro.
Eventually I deleted him off my social media and blocked him.

Encounter # 2 

I just get extremely weirded out if this guy who wants to do a photoshoot with me starts becoming super flirtatious to me. Like dude, what are you doing? I don't know if my assumption is true but I do feel that sometimes there are guys out there who are using this "photoshoot" excuse to ask someone or a girl out and then like use it as an excuse to eventually start dating.

Encounter #3

The bikini shots and lingerie requests.
First of all, I am very aware that judging from my photos , you might think that I am comfortable with doing such shots. The reason why I have such shots is because I took them by myself and I am superbly comfortable with how and what I do. It is just more natural. So..if I am not comfortable with you and if the first thing you request of me is like...lingeries and in a bedroom, I might not want to shoot with you.

Encounter #4 

The unprofessional fucker.
Hahah, this one is oh so too familiar.
There was once I had this shoot and bloody hell, the guy tried to arouse me sexually after some of these photos were snapped.I left in the midst of the shoot.I mean dude, what the fuck. I guess he got annoyed and frustrated because I left. All I can say was this guy is not ethical at all. You know even if you were unhappy, you still had to send me my photos because without me, those photos would also be impossible to capture. Let's just say he left me like about maybe less than 1/4 of what was actually captured that day. And of course, the reason was that he was overwhelmed and preoccupied with other things. Tsk tsk.

So there you have it guys. Just a few ugly encounters that I thought of sharing so as to warn you people of the dangers and the wolves in a sheep with a camera's clothing that is lurking around. Just be smart and wisen up. Make sure that these people are legit and are trustworthy before you decide for a collab. I know that having your photographs taken and feeling like a model is...really nice because of the attention and all but just be wary.

Have a good week everyone

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