Sometimes I wonder why are we attracted to things that are not good for us and why we don't leave someone who doesn't make us feel better.

Are we afraid of being lonely or just lying to ourselves that he would one day change his ways or just trying to play the "understanding" girlfriend role and apologizing for asking a stupid question such as how was your day?

Or could it be just love that is blinding us all from what we deserve more of?

Being pushed away, yelled at and blamed for everything.
But despite it all, you still decide to stay...

Could it be how he says sorry to you and gets his way with you that makes you feel like you are in love with him again and so you'll stay....
He knows you'll get wasted on that alcohol and use that opportunity when you are at your lowest to take advantage of you.
He'll say all the sweetest of things that you could ever imagine.
Only for you not to break up with him...

You keep holding on but you know it doesn't make sense.

You are caught in between...wondering if you should just leave him but you are too in love with him.
You know that leaving him is going to hurt you...it is going to make you feel upset.
But at the same time, you know you deserve more than this.

Stupid girl.

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