How Pokemon Go has changed my life


Hi there, as you all may know.. I didn't really caught up to the hype of Pokemon Go. Instead I was talking about how the game is going to impact people and all the negativity. However, all of that changed right after I decided to just give that game a try after looking at how engrossed my friends were...

And I never looked back

1) Networking

As my job does not let me meet people and all, Pokemon Go has allowed me this opportunity to go up to a stranger and start talking. It has changed my life in many ways. I was more of an introvert...but now I am brave enough to go up to someone and ask them... what pokemon they've got. Pokemon Go is amazing. I never thought that I would actually be brave enough to talk to someone. And now, I have that much confidence.

2) Fuck Tinder

Hah. Why use Tinder when you can actually go do something even more productive like walking around to catch Pokemon? I mean can you imagine how Tinder would be like if you had to actually walk around to catch people and swipe left or right.... or maybe they'll just let you try to catch them using "LoveBalls" and if they ran away... that means that they swipe left. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, at least you know that the Pokemons are as what they seem to be and you don't have to worry. Unlike Tinder, you gotta meet guys and some of these guys are just fuckboys trying to be all gentlemanly at first. 

3) Date Nights

With the Pokemon Go app, who needs to plan atas fine dining or like plan what to watch on date nights? Heck, spend some alone time with your significant other by catching pokemons at places that you'd probably never go for any valid reason. I mean it is not all the time that you go to an Ulu Part of Singapore right. As you are catching your Pokemon, you are also...exploring Singapore. AND BAM, there you have it...killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

4)  Who needs expensive dinner man?

Ever since I've started downloading Pokemon Go, I don't have to actually think what to eat. People think I am crazy but I take my pokemon go mission seriously. What I would pack in my bags are... cup noodles and a thermos flask and chopstick. I mean, it's the cheapest alternative and it is pretty filling for me. I can't be too full at the same time because... it may be of an inconvenience for me to look for the toilet especially since every minute counts and that...if I happen to just walk away from a certain location, I might actually miss the chance to capture my Squirtle. You can't predict how these pokemons spawn or what pokemons are gonna come next. So...

Every Minute Counts.

And also, instant cup noodles are way cheaper than your fast food. #justsaying

5) Gifting

Getting gifts for my friends or loved ones has always been so much  of a pain to me. Basically, I don't quite know what to get. But since my friends are all Pokemon Go addicts, I think that the best thing I can give them is... a portable charger. Oh my god, I have never once felt so proud of myself for actually giving something that people can use. Portable Charger. If they have more than enough Portable Chargers lying around,  just save the money and buy some Pokeballs or whatsoever for them through the app, should they run of it.

6) Damn I am committed AF

Being on Pokemon Go has developed me as a person and I have never for once felt so much commitment to a game until Pokemon Go. Everywhere I go, there Pokemon will be. And can I just add that if you are looking for a soulmate or someone to spend the rest of your life gotta look for someone who is committed as fuck. You gotta find someone who is going to go through miles and whatever it takes just to get you. Damn, that is determination on a next level. And you can't test someone on that...until you see how committed they are on Pokemon Go.

It's even in the theme song!

I want to be the very best...that no one ever was....

Duh sweetness much?! 

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside

Can you ever find someone who is willing to see the worth that is in you that nobody else can't see?! 

Oh god, someone get me a tissue or something because this sweetness is... KILLING ME. 

Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place

Dude, if you have a guy who is willing to face every bullshit that you might actually throw at him...and WITH COURAGE, got yourself a fine ass keeper. And he will keep wanting to work things out with you as he knows where he stands in your life as his man!

Hahah, Hi guys. I've missed blogging and here is a hilarious post that I thought of...and I actually enjoyed writing. hahah so please don't take all of these seriously Have a great week. :)

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