What it feels like to date in this generation?


My generation of love and dating is no longer the type whereby you both sit down and work things out when something goes wrong. 

We are all really busy people and yet sometimes we yearn for something that is called love...or perhaps just someone in our lives to make it a more exciting one. With the convenience of dating applications on our smartphone, we don't need to look that far in order to get another girl or boy now. If we don't get a text or a call back, who cares? Just get onto the next one. There are tonnes of fishes in the water and someone is bound to get hooked onto this bait. 

Dating is tiring. It's always the same old cycle. First dates, subsequent dates....
Trying to fit someone into our already very busy schedules. Texting whenever we think it is convenient for us because we are that busy. Gone are the days whereby you go up to someone and ask them out because everything is done electronically now. Gone are the days whereby you can roughly tell if someone likes you because since everything is done electronically, you've forgotten how it feels like to touch another human being's hearts and feelings with your words. You rely a lot on texting. Textings and emoticons.... misleading. You can't really tell how the other party is feeling, you can't tell what went wrong or right. You can't feel how the other party is feeling now.

And so, if it happens that one day, you just start falling out of love with someone, you no longer find a purpose or a way to find out why or rather what  exactly made you fell for that person. You just stop giving them chances or even worst just stop and disappear into thin air instead of  telling  them what went wrong between the both of you and just hope that you don't ever bump into them on the streets again. You carry on with your life but you never realise that everyone deserves a reason or rather it is only fair that they know what went wrong. You leave them hanging, guessing games? Dude, that's not going to help the situation in any way. You are just being a coward by staying away. 

At the same time, I have been around and frankly speaking, it is no longer that hard to get over someone. I guess once you have been disappointed over and over again, you start losing interest on the possibility of maybe starting something special with a certain someone because you feel like they are going to leave you again. Instead of asking how long we'd last....it's more of... "So when are you going to leave?". Love to me is no longer the kind whereby I'd stop and fight for people to stay in my life and try to work things out anymore. Love to me... is like a fucking myth to me. And it scares me how easy it is for me to just open the front door now and see the person off when they leave my life. Have I been broken hearted for a long while or have I just lost faith in the possibility of me falling in love? Have I given up on the idea of being with someone? 

Someday I'd fall in love...
Someday I'll hope that the person whom I fall in love with....is someone who is willing to work things out with me rather than finding a quick fast alternative way to leave.
Someday I hope I'd find someone to share my happiness with...

The rules have changed, the variables have changed.
If you find someone who is willing to work shit out with you instead of just leaving, then trust me...you got yourself a keeper there.

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