Casual word rant


Well, it wouldn't come as a surprise when sometimes I get people telling me to "move on" or questioning me if I still am in love with a particular someone or whoever based on the contents of my blog. Just so you know, I am not the type to tell people of my private life on my social medias and blog because I just don't see why I should. I pretty much do whatever I want and sometimes these actions that I do are just honestly random as fuck. Like I'd upload a picture of me and my ex and people would be asking me questions like OMG R U STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM? when truth to be told, I just uploaded the photo because my hair looks great goddamnit.

Do I look like I am very depressive ?
If I was, I wouldn't even be whoring around with Snapchat or Instagram and trying to be all slutty. I am a narcissist. I love myself. And I like being this way and I enjoy expressing myself. I am just having fun and why be depressive when you can be awesome? I've always have had a positive outcome in life no matter what situation I am in even though sometimes I do contemplate if I should just slit my throat because some people just drive me insane that I'd rather just die than going through with that shit.

And it is of no surprise, that somehow I am able to get over guys within 2 or 3 days. I know what you are thinking , "Wow you probably don't have such strong feelings for these guys" but you know what, I'd always ask myself if all of these crying is worth it. Why should you put yourself in a very upsetting and depressive situation when the other party has already moved on from you and are just living their lives normally? Is that fair for yourself? No. You don't deserve to be in that situation. Yeah sure he broke your heart but that doesn't mean that you are supposed to just wallow in your sad pathetic space for long.  How much you like or love someone doesn't have to always be determined by the time that the both of you spent together before everything ended.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing stories with messages to people. Sometimes these stories are just fiction but there's a whole message or point that I was trying to bring across So I hope that these would clarify all the misconceptions that people may have of me. :)

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