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Being at home for a while has made me reconsider a few things in life and somehow I am just questioning the type of people that I am surrounded by and what kind of people I really have in my life right now. And after 3 days, I have made up my mind and that was to just get rid of all the toxic people in my life.

It just made me wonder why do I even have such people in my life anyway and how scary it is that now I can see how people actually find joy in knowing what is wrong or wanting to know what's bothering you and then just disappear. Somehow a person's downtime is another person's joy and it's crazy. It's crazy how people would comment on things that they don't even know about and then expect you to not get affected by it. Then again, someone would say "Then don't do it on social media!" , "Well you posted on the internet for everyone to see right?". Yes maybe I did post it for everyone to see but sometimes it is much better to just remain quiet about some things that you don't know of a person because some of them are really uncalled for. Somehow it can get annoying when you are just casually talking about a problem and someone tells you to be strong. Like how the fuck is being strong supposed to help me with my problem. I need alternative solutions that I may have not thought of. I don't need you to tell me to be strong like... I just find that a worst advice ever and which leads me back to the point on how people truthfully care about you and whether they give a shit about you or no.

What all of these has led me to... was to eventually delete people from my facebook. Sometimes I do get asked by these shameless beings as to why they got deleted off. Who the hell asks people why do they get deleted off. I mean obviously I do not want you on my facebook which was why I deleted you off. And I also don't really appreciate it when people use indirect referencing when they wanna talk about someone. I mean if you are clearly hinting that person then just do it straight upfront and don't be a coward to just hide yourself and use the whole "If the shoe fits" because obviously the shoe fits and among the rest, I am the only one that has deleted you off Facebook.
Because life is like a cinema and everyone inside only seems to want to know all the bad that would happen to you.

A person's misfortune is now someone else's joy.

I am also aware of how people seem to have this mentality that if you are happy with what you are doing then just go ahead. I am unsure if this is as a result of a Singaporean culture whereby you just wait to see if something bad would happen and if there was indeed something bad happening, then you'd just stop and stare.Nobody gives a shit about you in life until something happens to them as well. All of these made me reconsider who I would want to help in future if they were faced with any difficulty. These are the type of people that you need to lose. The kind of people who just want to be around you because they know you've got their backs no matter what. Sorry not sorry, but it's time for them to know that you no longer got their backs anymore. So if you are at the verge of committing suicide, I am just going to let you go ahead and jump because that's just how people are like.

How often do you hear people thanking you when you've helped them through a difficult moment be it at work or school. Maybe 1 out of 8 people. When you do anything wrong, people remember you. But when you do something right or help someone, they don't remember you. And I know like everybody else, you are going to tell me .... "Well that is just life".

But what if I told you that life doesn't necessarily have to be in that way. What if I told you that maybe we could change the way we treat others so that the world can be a better place. Not everything in life is just..."well that is just life". Yes you can use that IF it was a situation whereby a zebra is being eaten by a lion. That is just nature. THAT IS THEN just life.

So I hope this blogpost can open up your hearts and mind to what are the few things that we can change about ourselves and hopefully in future make better decisions. Sometimes living life too fast can make us not be aware of such things in life that is happening that you just need time to reflect on the other factors that affects you in life.

If you have negative people in your life and people who want to know what is wrong just for the sake of knowing it, then just drop them.

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