Hanging around plastics


Have you ever once felt so lonely in your whole entire life?

I am not someone who is very reliant on people, I don't cling onto people but somehow today I just felt really lonely.
What made me feel lonely today was how sometimes I feel like I have people in my life, people whom I can talk to and trust in real life but at the end of the day, I don't think I got their backs. You see that is the problem with people I guess. Many only want to know what is wrong with you and how you feel but no one seems to tell you what you could do as an alternative. I don't know why but I feel like that is the problem with the people in my life. 

Like for example, you talk to them about a guy...they'll just simply say oh forget about him and then just force you to be happy there and then or else friendship is over. 

Or maybe you could feel a little low on your self esteem, i mean come on everyone has one of those days, but instead they'll say stuffs that make ypu feel even more like shit.

See, I kinda am tired of meeting people and telling people of things that bother me. And if I were to overreact or get annoyed and answer sarcastically to their stupid words, I'm the one to be blamed and then I have to apologise.

The same thing happens on facebook and instagram as well. You have people from nowhere and everywhere just judging the things you do, telling you what they think they know of you....

Why can't people just shut the whole up for once or just let a person live?
We're all not perfect, we make bad decisions, and maybe yes we do have a bad past.

Yes maybe before in the past I used to be a real slut and all that shit but that doesn't mean I am one now. People change. If I don't want to send you any lewd photos or whatsoever, just respect my decision man. Why you calling me a bitch?

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