Jealousy is such an evil thing


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If there is one thing ugly about being a girl, it is our attitudes when we feel threatened by another girl. I know a lot of us deal with insecurities and honestly, if your boyfriend's girl pal is really hot.... you'd actually might dislike her just because you are jealous. I am sure that there are girls who would actually not feel threatened by the presence of that girl pal but let's be real, majority of you are going to feel threatened and then dislike her.

Isn't that just ugly?

If there is one thing that I don't understand about the people of my sex group, is how we just decide to not like someone but instead choose to hate on someone just because they may seem hotter or better than us.Why can't we just  be more supportive of each other? I honestly love it when I see two incredibly hot women doing photoshoots together and being supportive instead of challenging who can be the hotter one out of the two. It's like a threesome you know. Two is always better than one.

I mean do you think it is worth your time stalking on this girl pal of your boyfriend just because you feel threatened by her? I do admit that when I was younger, I had the same mindset. I would get jealous over little things. But as I grew older, I started asking myself why I felt jealous of her or why I felt threatened by her. It didn't make sense you see. Usually when we get jealous or we overthink, we tend to not realise this important fact.

Your boyfriend is with you because he wants to be with you. If he was into the other girl, something should have happened along the way. 

So for girls who are like overreacting when your boyfriend is talking to another girl or just regard a normal conversation as "oh my boyfriend is flirting with another girl", I hope that you can change your mindset. If you are dealing with a lot of insecurities, you should just open up to your guy and tell how you feel. A guy with a sensible mind would instead help you deal with your insecurities and reassure you that everything is okay. However, try to not always have these insecurities because it can be really irritating for him. If you have a lot of trust issues with your partner, then you have to address that issue immediately.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a good day and if you are a girl or guy with a lot of insecurities, it'd be nice to just thing about what I've mentioned earlier on this post. <3

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