Modern dating and modern love


Truth to be told, all of us honestly suck at dating or maybe have forgotten how it feels like to actually date someone properly and to grow feelings. Sure, we are always on the roll when it comes to aiming to reach our goals in life and accomplishing them, knowing so much more of how to take control of our own lives but above it all, we're all really lousy when it comes to dating and relationships.

Somehow or rather, there were times whereby I'd actually feel that I was born in the wrong generation or era. Maybe I should have been born in the 1940s/1950s where I'll wait patiently for my one true love to return from a war. It's amazing how back then... letters would still be sent over unless you die whereas right now, sometimes you don't even get a bloody text back...and much get blue ticked. (Thank you , Whatsapp, for having this feature that just makes everyone feel extra shitty when we find ourselves getting blueticked).

And because we are all so busy with our own lives, we've forgotten how it feels like to actually grow an attraction for someone. Talk about relationships, and most of us would tell you.."Meh, not yet." So then we'll get onto dating apps, swipe left swipe right. Sometimes it doesn't take that long before we start taking each other's clothes off and just having sex despite it being a first meeting.  And then the next morning, we'd probably start wondering if the other party does like us or no. And if they don't well, we'll just go around looking for someone else.

It's pretty fucked up how at the end of the day, we don't quite know how it feels to actually love someone properly and being loved at the same time. We stop trying when things gets hard because we'd probably have this mentality like : Oh whatever, you go...I can always find another. We always think that we can eventually find a replacement real quickly. But that's honestly where everything goes wrong. Because we are too focused on finding a replacement quickly, we'll start forgetting how to interact with someone and the cycle just goes on and on.

People no longer become something permanent for you. Instead, people come into your life with a timer or just basically to bring out that "little romance" part of your life when you are certain that you don't want anything serious. I don't know if anybody else is feeling this way when it comes to love....

Ironically though, I fall into these category. As much as a hopeless romantic that I am, unfortunately I fall under the majority of not knowing how to love or start developing feelings for people. Even if I do, I do not know how to express them out and sometimes it may just come off as me being friendly...or perhaps being too friendly. Then again, maybe it is because I have been in one too many "questionable" situations when it comes to love that I feel like just giving up on it altogether.

But I'll leave that for another post.

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